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For 70 years, we’ve been providing a reliable service to London businesses. Contact us today to increase your recycling rates and reduce your emissions. For too long waste has been wasted – Let us give your rubbish a new life.

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Why Recycle Your Business Waste With Us

24/7 Commercial Waste

Focus on what matters most, while our team of sustainability experts manage your waste. Our customer-centred online portal is powered by 70+ years of experience, with all the stats you’ll need, available 24/7.

Improve Your Sustainability

Tick off all your sustainability targets with the help of our friendly and dedicated experts. We can help you improve recycling and reduce costs while powering our operations with renewable energy. Our growing fleet of electric vehicles is charged using energy from our massive solar panel array, which will also help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Reliable Resource Management

Give your waste a new life, with our circular economy solutions. We prioritise transforming your waste into new products – if we can’t reuse or recycle something, it will be incinerated, as we send nothing to landfill.

Commercial Waste FAQ

Commercial waste management refers to the collection, transportation, and disposal of waste generated by commercial activities, such as businesses, offices, and other non-residential properties. This can include a variety of waste types, such as office paper, food waste, packaging materials, and hazardous waste. Commercial waste management services aim to provide safe, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for handling and disposing of this waste, in compliance with local and national environmental regulations.

With commercial waste taxes and legislation increasing, there is a financial incentive to properly manage your recycling. Focus on what matters most to you, whilst organisations like Bywaters professionally manage your commercial waste.

Bywaters sustainability experts ensures your business has an innovative plan based on what you need. Our team utilise their experience when providing sessions, education, changes and suggestions to help your business hit its targets. Typically, every step your business takes up the waste hierarchy will result in financial savings, and our green team will work with you to ensure your waste management services take up as little of your budget as possible.

The Green Gurus are a set of sustainability experts focused on helping you and your organisation improve your environmental targets. They educate and engage all staff on methods that have been proven to increase recycling rates and overall business targets.

Bywaters focuses on reducing all carbon emissions through a set of pre-planned objectives outlined in our Net Zero whitepaper. Resources such as our electric fleet of vehicles and 4000 Solar Panels are indications of the effort we invest into making our organisation Carbon Neutral. When partnering with yourself, Bywaters incorporates this effort into your company to ensure you reach your green targets.

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London Commercial Waste Locations

London Commercial Recycling Services

London is England’s capital city, with around 138,500 businesses, a population of just under 9 million resulting in over 17 million metric tonnes of rubbish produced annually. Keeping the city tidy can be quite the challenge. At Bywaters, we are equipped to deal with your commercial waste, no matter how big or small. 

With over 70 years of experience, specialised equipment and sustainability experts available with bespoke strategies, Bywaters has all the tools needed to make London’s waste management better for you.

Commercial Waste Collection

Our environmentally friendly fleet of either fully electric or ULEZ-compliant Euro 6 vehicles will collect and transfer your commercial waste to one of our facilities at a time that is suitable for you. Depending on the waste type, it is then reused, recycled, or recovered.

Sustainability is everything, and we will work with you to create a more environmentally friendly world. The need for reliable waste management services is more significant than ever. Bywaters puts your needs first, providing the best recycling resources for the job, and scheduling your service for a time that works for you. We ensure that no waste is dumped in landfill, assisting your company in lowering its carbon footprint and safeguarding the environment.

London Waste Statistics

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Over 35,000 tonnes of material recycled annually


Zero waste to Landfill

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Over 300,000 collections a year

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2500 clients serviced seven days a week

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99 individual waste streams currently serviced

London Short Guide

London is a city steeped in history, and its roots can be dated back to the time of the Romans who established it as Londinium. Nearly two thousand years ago, this was the capital of what later came to be known as Britain. It wasn’t until the Anglo-Saxons that London changed names again – becoming Lundenwic – before eventually settling on its current title ‘London’. Its turbulent past gives it an undeniable charm which every visitor should take the opportunity to experience. When even standing on corners of what are now famous streets, you can tell the history of many roads by the name they were given.

History of London

Over the centuries, London has been an important port of call and religious center, as well as a bustling trade hub connecting the Old World with the New. It is no surprise then that London has attracted many different and diverse peoples and cultures over time, making it what we now know today: one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Britain. Even in its early days, London was unrivalled as a city of note and by 1831, it became England’s largest city with well over one million inhabitants. Since then, a number of famous buildings such as Houses of Parliament, The O2 Arena and the Gurkin are now synonymous with London itself. Today, with over eight million people living within its boundaries, there can be no doubt that London stands as a testament to its impressive historical pedigree.

London is one of the World’s greatest cities, combining centuries of history with thrilling modern attractions. The vibrant city captivates millions with its fascinating historical monuments, such as; Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s cathedral, Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London, as well as monumental landmarks like the Natural History Museum and the London Eye. London is a place like no other, boasting many hidden gems dotted around. The parks, bars and restaurants surrounding the City are debated as some of the best in the world, leaving any tourist with the opportunity to enjoy their immediate area before travelling too far. London is the home of many elite sporting, music and theatrical events. Standing as the only place to hold the Olympics three times in history. The heart of many Cities is it’s centre, whereas London’s cosmopolitan diverse nature means its heart is the people that make the city

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