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City of London Waste Collection Services

While the City of London area is only small, it’s heavily populated with offices and staff that generate huge amounts of rubbish. However, at Bywaters, we’re equipped with the expertise and equipment to properly manage, sort and recycle waste from businesses of any size.

Waste Disposal

Within the City of London area, Bywaters can dispose of many materials, including cardboard, coffee cups, hazardous waste, glass and dry mixed recycling. Using our specialist equipment and expert knowledge, we orchestrate the safe and correct management of your commercial rubbish, enabling us to send zero waste to landfill.

Home to London’s largest indoor materials recovery facility (MRF), we transport your waste to our Lea Riverside facility in Bow. Powered by 4,000 solar panels, this state-of-the-art technology sorts mixed waste into segregated streams, which are then bulked and sent for recycling

Our other facility located at Gateway Road sorts construction and demolition waste for recycling, including any bulky items like bricks and metal. We’re capable of disposing of waste from all streams and diverting them to either recycling or recovery. We also offer a tipping service for loads of up to 500kg.

Waste Collection

Here at Bywaters, we provide a reliable waste management collection service in the City of London that can be arranged at a convenient time that suits your business. Our sustainable fleet of either fully electric or ULEZ-compliant Euro 6 vehicles collect your waste and transport it to one of our facilities. This is then reused, recycled, or recovered.

We’ll send you a range of recycling bins and containers, depending on the needs of your business, and tailor our collection service to suit you. Once in our hands, we send zero waste to landfill, helping your business to reduce its carbon footprint and work towards a greener environment.

City of London Waste Statistics

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Average recycling rate of 69%

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Over 10,000 tonnes of waste collected annually

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More than 35,000 collections a year

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Over 150 clients serviced 7 days a week

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43 individual waste streams currently serviced

City of London: A Short Guide

The City of London, also known as the ‘Square Mile’, is where the financial district is located, covering just 1.12 square miles. This area was once occupied by the original old walled city built by the Romans back in the 1st century AD. At that time, it constituted almost all of London, however, the city as a whole has now developed far beyond that to cover 700 square miles. Situated on the north bank of the River Thames, the boundaries of the Square Mile stretch from Temple to the Tower of London, including west to east Chancery Lane and Liverpool Street.

The Square Mile has a population of just 8,000 residents, however, the bustling area welcomes 513,000 daily commuters and ten million annual visitors. It’s also densely populated with businesses in sectors such as accounting and insurance, and is home to more than 500 financial institutions, outdoing other major cities like Tokyo and New York. The City of London differs from other boroughs as it has a ceremonial county with its own government, local mayor and independent police force.

A vibrant and thriving area, blending old and new architecture, you’ll find the Bank of England, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Barbican Centre, and the Museum of London here. Featuring one of the city’s well-known skyscrapers, the Gherkin, the City of London is also home to many green spaces and offers plenty of eateries, such as Sushi Samba and the Sky Garden, with the latter boasting impressive city views.

The businesses and buildings in this area naturally generate huge amounts of rubbish every year. Fortunately, Bywaters can effectively and properly dispose of such items, and can cater to buildings of all sizes. As such, it doesn’t matter if you’re a small independent coffee shop or a large office block, we can help your business recycle correctly.

Tourist Hotspots

Although the City of London is mostly populated by businesses, there are several hot spots frequented by tourists which also contribute to how much waste is generated within the Square Mile. This includes Leadenhall Market, the theatre complex within the Barbican Centre, many historic pubs, and the Urban Food festival. As such, we have dedicated services for the events and hospitality sector, ensuring its unique challenges are overcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before disposing of any large items, we always look for a reuse solution first. If the item is in good working condition, we’ll be able to find it a new home through our partner network. However, if it can’t be reused, then large items can be collected on Bywater’s tail-lift vehicles. To book a collection, please contact customer services on 0207 001 6000 or email us at

We would always plan for the eventuality of this, ensuring any excess waste is collected and your site is left clear. Any additional waste we collect will be monitored to ensure correct weights and volumes are recorded. It is also chargeable at a pre-agreed rate.

At Bywaters, we ensure any hazardous waste collected from businesses is handled with safety and by responsible, experienced employees. We provide fully compliant and safety-tested containers for your waste, and work closely with you to arrange a suitable collection schedule to suit your individual needs.

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