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Our services go beyond simply providing clients with new bins, collecting waste and offering a first-class recycling service. We also offer specific training, delivered by our Green Gurus and in-house engineers, to share sustainable practices and suggest how your business can manage waste more efficiently.

However, one of the biggest barriers companies face during their efforts to be more sustainable is behaviour change. It’s no good just having the right equipment. Your staff needs to know how to sort waste properly and understand the importance of streaming waste for recycling. Our team of Green Gurus complete in-depth audits of your facilities and recommend how to improve your sustainability.

The best part is we tailor our training to the audience, ensuring your team receives practical advice on enhancing sustainability, while also providing you with an understanding of how we manage your waste and why. This training is continuously developed through regular waste awareness days, helping you to stay informed.

The Green Guru Training Process

We implement your businesses waste strategy and start delivering our services

Our Green Gurus develop training plans for every relevant department, such as cleaning staff and managers

Our training course provides your business with a thorough understanding of what we do with your waste and why

The training shares practical information and useful tips to help you become more sustainable

Education and better understanding allow positive sustainable changes to occur and persist

Careers 2
Equipment 4
Industry Bodies 20

Discover how our Green Gurus can help your business improve its sustainability

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