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Our Confidential Waste Recycling Services

It’s vital that your business protects any confidential information you may handle. Bywaters provides the highest standard of secure shredding and disposal services, ensuring that your sensitive data is protected and safe from the moment it’s put in the bin to the moment it’s shredded and recycled.

Firstly, confidential waste is stored in our secure confi bins: lockable containers designed especially for this purpose. We own a confidential waste secure shredding facility that operates to BS EN 15713 standard, with authorised access via biometric scanners and a laser security system, enabling us to offer risk-free destruction of your confidential waste.

We provide certificates verifying the destruction of your waste, and – after confidential documents have been shredded – the resulting waste is recycled into new paper products.


In 2019, before the Global Pandemic...

Tonnes of Confidential Waste Recycled
Kg of CO2 Emissions Prevented
Homes Powered Through Energy Savings

The Confidential Waste Recycling Process

We provide specialised secure confidential bins

Your waste is then collected by tracked low-emission vehicles

Your confidential waste is shredded to BS EN 15713 standards

We provide you with a certificate of destruction

The shredded paper is recycled into new high-quality paper products

Frequently Asked Questions

BS EN 15713 is an accreditation for disposing of confidential waste that sets out professional standards that must be adhered to. They detail the proper practice and methodology to meet the industry level expectation of confidentiality and service quality, including the process being assessed by regular external audits (separate from the waste audits Bywaters carries out for our clients).

This includes all points of the destruction process from the source to transport and the handling up until the documents have been destroyed, ensuring all information remains confidential from the moment it is collected to the moment it is shredded.

Due to the fact that confi-bins are locked and the keys kept off site for security reasons, it will be necessary to contact Bywaters.

We will respond as fast as possible so there is no need to hesitate in calling for assistance. If any documents or anything else ends up in the confi-bin that was not intended to be there, you need only contact us and we will be able to send staff to assist retrieving the item or documents.

The certificates of destruction that Bywaters supplies are digital documents, avoiding unnecessary paper use – something we always aim to do when providing any of our services.

These certificates are a part of upholding our security standards, so our clients are sure that their confidential waste has been disposed of properly. With the documents being digital they can be accessed and stored easily, and do not contain any of the confidential information that was already destroyed initially.

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