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Our Clinical Waste Recovery Services

If your organisation produces clinical waste, then health and safety is of central importance. With our 60 years of experience and long history of NHS contracts, we have the expertise necessary to provide you with a compliant, safe, and sustainable clinical waste service.

We provide UN-approved containers and trained collection professionals, minimising the risk to you and your business while providing a flexible and efficient service. All clinical waste is disposed of via sterile high temperature incineration at an energy from waste facility, destroying any risk associated with your waste and generating energy to help power homes in London.

In the Last Year...

Tonnes of Clinical Waste Incinerated
Number of NHS Sites Serviced in London

The Clinical Waste Recovery Process

We provide UN-approved containers to store your clinical waste

We collect your waste with an environmentally-friendly fleet

Your clinical waste is handled safely by trained professionals

Your waste is then transported to a specialist facility for treatment

All clinical waste is incinerated with the resulting energy recovered

Frequently Asked Questions

While clinical waste has its own waste stream, it is further segregated down into more detailed streams to allow for less cross-stream contamination. Examples of what these streams include: alternative treatment, anatomical waste, high temperature incineration, cytotoxic/cytostatic waste, pharmaceutical waste, offensive waste, and radioactive waste.

As a result of our ‘zero waste direct to landfill’ commitment, all waste streams that cannot be recycled are diverted from landfill in the most sustainable way possible, with all clinical waste being sent to energy from waste facilities for recovery.

Yes, clinical waste collections require Hazardous Waste Consignment Notes (HWCNs), which are signed and filled in where needed by both the waste producer and the waste transferee, as is legally required under law.

Due to the nature of clinical waste material there is a necessary and simple amount of documentation required by law, relating to our standards, segregation, and the safety of those handling the waste. Generally tagging bags, Hazardous Waste Registration, Premises Registration, Carriers Registration, and other such requirements are handled by our staff or made clear to clients as part of the training we provide for onsite waste operatives.