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Our Clinical Waste Recovery Services

If you work in the healthcare sector, it’s likely that your organisation generates clinical waste. This needs to be packaged, handled and collected correctly, otherwise, if left exposed, it could pose risks to human health and the environment.

We manage all kinds of clinical waste, including sharps such as needles and syringes, infectious materials like blood, human tissue and, chemicals, and items such as dressing, bandages and PPE. We provide you with UN-approved containers which are collected by trained professionals. Providing a flexible service that minimises the risk to you and your business.

Your clinical waste is then transported to an Energy from Waste facility specialising in clinical waste disposal, where it is destroyed through sterile high temperature incineration. This process removes any risk associated with your waste, while also recovering energy to power London homes.

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In the Last Year...

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The Clinical Waste Recovery Process

We provide UN-approved containers to store your clinical waste

We collect your waste with an environmentally-friendly fleet

Your clinical waste is handled safely by trained professionals

Your waste is then transported to a specialist facility for treatment

All clinical waste is incinerated with the resulting energy recovered

Clinical Waste FAQs

We provide all of our clients with specialist, secure containers. However, your clinical waste must be placed in a yellow bag labelled especially for this usage, which is clearly marked and securely fastened. Any sharps should be put into an appropriate sharps bin.

Sharps, such as needles, scissors and glass items, are collected in a sharps bin before going through a process called autoclaving. This sterilises them with steam, one of the most effective methods of decontaminating sharps waste.

We have multiple waste sub-streams within clinical waste including alternative treatment, anatomical waste, high temperature incineration, cytotoxic/cytostatic waste, pharmaceutical waste, offensive waste and radioactive waste.

Clinical waste collections require Hazardous Waste Consignment Notes (HWCNs), which are signed and filled in by the waste producer and collector. This is a legal requirement, which ensures that your medical waste meets regulations. We arrange all of this for you, so that your waste is safely disposed without you having to worry.

As clinical waste is deemed hazardous and potentially harmful, you should always separate it from your general waste stream using the specialist bins we provide.

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