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Finding New Homes for Old Things

All of your old furniture, IT equipment, office supplies, wooden pallets, and much more can be reused. At Bywaters, we prioritise our reuse service over recycling and energy recovery to make sure products are used again and again until they reach the end of their lives.

Reusing is different from recycling as it allows us to use items as they are, without treatment, helping to reduce pollution and waste. For example, giving your old furniture to someone who needs it instead of dismantling and re-manufacturing the product uses less energy than our recycling services.

Through our partnerships with organisations such as ReYooz, as well as smart sorting and segregation of waste, we are able to ensure all reusable items find a new home, either with UK businesses or charities. This service is the most sustainable option, helping to increase recycling rates, reduce disposal costs, and cut down on emissions.

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Reuse Frequently Asked Questions

Everything from furniture and white goods, to electronics and packaging can all be reused if they are in good condition and functional.

Recycling your old items means that it will be stripped down to its raw materials to be used again in a new product while reusing refers to a product which you repurpose without treatment. For example, your old office sofa could be sent to a new home to be reused by someone who needs it.

As the recycling process typically requires energy, it’s better to send your items to be reused where possible as this reduces air, water, and land pollution. It also limits the need for raw materials, reduces how much waste enters landfill —which decreases greenhouse gas emissions— and even saves your business money. For example, purchasing used but working PC’s for the office will likely be cheaper than buying new ones.

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We’re committed to ensuring that no reusable items are disposed of, as any item saved from going to waste removes the need for a replacement being manufactured. To learn more about the ways that Bywaters can help you find reuse options for your waste, get in touch today.

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