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Old Things, New Homes

Whether it’s furniture, IT equipment, office supplies, wooden pallets, or anything else that can be reused, Bywaters follows the waste hierarchy in always prioritising reuse over recycling and energy recovery.

Through our partnerships with organisations like ReYooz, along with smart sorting and active segregation of waste, we are able to ensure that all reusable items find new homes, either with UK businesses or charities. Not only is this the most sustainable option, it also diverts waste out of our clients’ waste streams – increasing recycling rates, reducing disposal costs, and cutting emissions.

In the Last Year...

Kg of Waste Saved from Landfill
Kg of Carbon Emissions Saved
Amount Donated to Good Causes

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We’re committed to ensuring that no reusable items are disposed of, as any item saved from going to waste removes the need for a replacement being manufactured. To learn more about the ways that Bywaters can help you find reuse options for your waste, get in touch today.