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Our Charity Partners

Below are short summaries of the great charities that we’ve partnered with as part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility. From helping to protect under threat ecosystems in Asia to feeding vulnerable people in the UK, Bywaters aims to make as wide an impact as possible in the charitable work we do, and we’re always looking out for new organisations to support.

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FoodCycle are a charity who collect surplus food and use it to create delicious free meals for the hungry and the lonely in London and around the UK – bringing communities together with great food. They have been doing this for over a decade, and in 2018 saved 265 tonnes of food waste being unnecessarily thrown away, transforming it into 290,000 free meals.

We do whatever we can to support FoodCycle in the work they do, with Bywaters not only partnering with our clients to divert money to this great cause, but also encouraging our staff to volunteer time every month to help serve food to the thousands of people who benefit from FoodCycle’s nutritious free meals.

Find out more about FoodCycle here.

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GreenPop was founded in 2010 with the goal of bringing about a ‘treevolution’: planting thousands of trees to bring about reforestation across Sub-Saharan Africa and encourage a world where nature and human beings thrive together. Africa is the world’s most rapidly urbanising continent, making this work absolutely crucial in preserving the world’s environment.

Bywaters works with GreenPop to help keep this amazing project going, and ensure as many trees as possible are planted each year to preserve local ecosystems. GreenPop now operates projects in South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, and Tanzania – bringing their vision of a greener world to thousands of people each year.

To learn more about GreenPop’s work, see here.

The Bywaters Charity Pot

In addition to donating both time and money to these organisations, we also incorporate charitable giving into our sustainability initiatives. Every time one of our clients or an external organisation attends one of our beach cleans or MRF tours, they are encouraged to make a small donation to a charity pot, and the money raised this way is donated at the end of each year to a charity chosen by Bywaters’ staff.

We always look for ways to increase the amount of work that both us and our clients do for charities. Together, we know we can make a real difference.

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