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Our Sustainability Team

Bywaters has a dedicated Sustainability Team who work as sustainability consultants for our clients. Your assigned consultant is an expert in all things environmentally-friendly, helping to ensure your business waste management is sustainable. They carry out in-depth audits and provide recommendations for environmental initiatives and improvements while aiming to increase your recycling rates and lower your carbon emissions.

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Our Sustainability Initiatives

At Bywaters, we have a number of sustainability initiatives to fight against major pollution sources and help the UK reach a more eco-friendly future for generations to come. In recent years, our efforts have focused on environmental initiatives, combating plastic pollution by recycling 100% of the plastic we collect and reducing carbon emissions using our Euro-6 fleet and upgrading our facilities. We also run our ‘London for London’ campaign which helps to keep the UK’s capital clean and sustainable. We support London-based charities, transport waste by barge to ease congestion and emissions, and find environmental solutions to help keep the air free of pollution.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Bywaters takes an active approach to corporate social responsibility, working in partnership with a variety of charities and hosting events to help those in need and promote sustainability. From beach clean-ups across the UK to providing free meals using food that would otherwise go to waste, we’re always striving to increase the positive environmental impact we have as a UK company.

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As the UK’s leading sustainable waste management company, Bywaters is fully compliant with all the relevant legislation. These laws aim to reduce our environmental impact and minimise health and safety risks. We also help our clients navigate their responsibilities when it comes to the legal handling of their waste. We can provide accessible summaries covering the relevant aspects of the law to ensure every part of your waste management service is compliant.

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