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No matter what kind of business you run, chances are that it generates a fair amount of waste, whether that be cardboard, plastic, glass or a combination of all three. Wheelie bins are the most common type of waste management equipment you’ll use, and Bywaters can provide you with bins for hire in various sizes. We can also collect, segregate and recycle your waste at a schedule that suits you.

Our bins have lockable lids and steel castors on each corner, with brake control to help keep your waste secure, contained and easy to transport. They are suitable for most types of waste, including dry mixed recycling, glass and non-recyclable waste. Bywaters prides itself on its commitment to a sustainable future while providing a convenient removal and method of recycling.

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What can be recycled from my wheelie bin waste?

When you use our wheelie bin hire service, we recycle, reuse or recover everything that we collect. For instance, the cardboard we recycle can be used to make new packaging, including the boxes you receive parcels in.

How do you ensure waste is recycled correctly?

We have two state-of-the-art facilities based in East London, which serve the entire city. Once we have collected your wheelie bin waste, everything is transported to one of our locations, where it is machine-sorted through technology specifically designed to separate materials. For instance, we have a specialist industry-leading MRF (materials recovery facility) for plasterboard, a material which is particularly complicated and difficult to handle. It sifts through hundreds of tonnes of waste, preparing it for transportation to a specialist mill.

We ensure that no waste enters landfill by using like roll screens, near-infrared optical sorting equipment and air tunnels to sort everything out into streams and sub-streams. These are then bulked and sent to the appropriate reprocessing facility.

How do I choose the right size wheelie bin?

The size of the wheelie bin you will need to hire should depend on how much waste you generate, and how often the bins will be emptied. So although the most common size of wheelie bin used by councils is 240L, this might not be suitable for your business’s needs. We can help you decide which size to get in order to best manage your waste.

Why choose Bywaters

Through our waste management solutions, we aim to recycle everything and send no waste to landfill. We power our Lea Riverside site with solar power, while our Gateway Road facility extracts fines from any residual material that is then sent to generate electricity for the National Grid. The vehicles we use for transportation are either low-emission, hybrid or fully electric motors, meaning they comply with our sustainability values.

As part of our sustainable waste management service, we also offer our clients personal support from one of our Green Gurus, as well as easy access to waste management data. This data is presented as a report, which breaks down the total amount of waste produced, how much was recycled, and your CO2 savings made through recycling.

We can handle any job

With over 60 years of experience, Bywaters can ensure that the handling of your waste is in good hands. Wheelie bins are a core feature of our waste management services, and we are able to offer expert advice on which will be the most appropriate for your business’s requirements.