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Our Construction Waste Recycling Services

Bywaters are specialists in handling construction and demolition (C&D) waste for projects of all sizes. Whether you’re a sole-trader carrying out small-scale construction work, or adding a new skyscraper to the City of London, we’ll help you handle your waste safely and sustainably, in line with our zero waste direct to landfill commitment.

Our dedicated facility based at Gateway Road in East London has a specialised materials recovery facility for C&D waste, including trommel screens to separate any fine waste from bulkier items such as bricks and off-cuts of wood.

From plasterboard and concrete to wood and metal, we have recycling and reuse solutions for all components of construction waste.

In the Last Year...

Tonnes of Construction Waste Recycled
Kg of CO2 Emissions Prevented
Homes Powered Through Energy Savings

The Construction Waste Recycling Process

Bywaters provides skips to store your construction waste

We collect your waste using our sustainable Euro 6 fleet

Construction waste is taken to our specialised facility in East London

Each of the material streams is separated from each other

Materials are recycled for reuse in the construction industry

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Bywaters will provide you with a skip to use to collect all your C&D waste in one place. We will then separate your waste at our facility into its component streams.

Once your skip is approaching capacity and is ready to be collected, simply tell us and we can schedule in a collection time that works for you.

Yes, materials that are joined in some way can be put in the skip if they cannot be separated. Although any waste that consists of two or more materials should be separated from each other at source if this is possible. Bywaters also offers extensive hazardous waste services, so let us know if you’re likely to be producing complex waste streams.

If the materials cannot be separated safely, by hand or because of time, then the material can be put into the skip provided.

We can arrange collections of almost any amount of construction waste, the most important thing is estimating the waste you will produce correctly so we can provide the best solution.

If you’re only producing a small amount of waste and are looking for a place to tip, then we can also cater for you through our industry-leading tipping services.