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Tipping Waste Management Services

We are experts in handling and sorting waste across all sectors, including local councils, waste management providers, government organisations and waste producers. Our service is designed to fit our clients needs. Whether this is a one-off tip, a one week contract or a longer term agreement, we provide solutions to ensure that the waste is sorted safely, efficiently and sustainably.

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Tip Dry Mixed Recycling

Our flagship Lea Riverside site is home to a London’s largest undercover MRF. Powered by 4,000 solar panels and operating 24/7, we provide one of the most reliable and environmentally sustainable solutions for tipping recyclates, in the UK. This state-of-the art facility uses innovative machinery to sort mixed waste into segregated waste streams before bulking and sending each stream onwards for recycling.

Tip residual or construction waste

Located at Gateway Road, our facility specialises in handling and sorting construction and residual waste before sending materials for sustainable disposal.

Construction waste is sorted using trommel screens to separate any fine waste from bulkier items like bricks and off-cuts of wood. Where any residual material is sorted, and then sent to generate electricity at the National Grid.

Our Gateway Road facility accepts small tipping, with a low minimum tipping charge of only half a tonne (500kg).

Tipping Waste Streams

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