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Our Coffee Grounds Recycling Services

In addition to our coffee cup recycling services, Bywaters conducts waste collections for coffee grounds, offering your business tailored recycling solutions. If collected and stored separately, we can collect your waste coffee grounds using our low emissions Euro 6 fleet and transport them to a specialist facility where they are recycled.

Once at these facilities, the mass of coffee grounds is converted into high-yield biofuels in the form of coffee logs and compressed pellets. These products offer a carbon-neutral alternative to wood-burning that burns hotter and longer, and provide a true closed-loop solution for coffee waste, as opposed to collecting coffee grounds with the rest of your food waste as part of our food recycling services.

In the Last Year...

Tonnes of Coffee Grounds Recycled
Kg of CO2 Emissions Prevented
Equivalent Miles of Driving Offset

The Coffee Grounds Recycling Process

You put your coffee grounds in specific bins provided by Bywaters

Your coffee grounds are collected via our Euro 6 fleet

We send the coffee grounds to our partner, Bio Bean

Your waste coffee grounds are turned into coffee logs and pellets

These can then be used as sustainable biofuel

Frequently Asked Questions

No, coffee grounds do not have any specific handling requirements. The only particularly important thing to be considered when segregating them from the rest of the your waste, such as your dry mixed recycling or non-recyclable waste, is to ensure that there are no contaminants present.

Bywaters will provide containers specifically for coffee grounds. All you have to do is ensure that your coffee waste is disposed of in these bins, then we’ll take it away and turn the waste into biofuels.

Different frequencies of collections can be arranged as per your individual requirements.

It is fine for coffee grounds to be a little wet, we will still be able to process and recycle them (but be sure to pour most of the water or coffee down the sink).

It is very important that any non-organic waste be removed from your coffee grounds, as this will make the waste impossible to recycle or repurpose through our services.

While coffee grounds can be disposed of along with other food waste for anaerobic digestion, for Bywaters’ specific coffee grounds service, it is important no other food waste is with the coffee grounds otherwise it won’t be possible to turn them into biofuels.