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Our Coffee Grounds Recycling Services

Alongside our coffee cup recycling services, we also offer a waste collection service for your coffee grounds. So whether you’re making coffee every day, working in a cafe, bar or restaurant, Bywaters can provide your business with the right recycling solution. We arrange collections for a time that suits you using our low emissions Euro 6 fleet.

The coffee grounds are then transported to specialist partner facilities where they are converted into sustainable products in the circular economy such as coffee eco-fuel.

Our partnerships prevent the grounds from being wasted, gives them a second life, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to the circular economy.

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In 2019, before the Global Pandemic...

Tonnes of Coffee Grounds Recycled
Kg of CO2 Emissions Prevented
Equivalent Miles of Driving Offset

The Coffee Grounds Recycling Process

You put your coffee grounds in specific bins provided by Bywaters

Your coffee grounds are collected via our Euro 6 fleet

We send the coffee grounds to our trusted partners

They turn your waste coffee grounds into useful products

These products have the potential to then be used in your business, completing the loop

Coffee Grounds FAQs

Recycling your coffee grounds is the best solution for this material previously considered waste. In fact, it saves 130% more in greenhouse gas emissions than sending them to anaerobic digestion!
Plus, the grounds are repurposed into new sustainable products, allowing you to potentially reuse your spent coffee in new ways and boost your businesses’ sustainability credentials.

As well as recycling them using our coffee grounds recycling service, you can reuse them as fertiliser for your garden, as a natural cleaning scrub and even as an exfoliator for your skin.

There are no specific handling requirements for coffee grounds, so recycling them is simple. Our only advice is to keep them segregated from your other waste, such as dry-mixed recycling or non-recyclable waste, to prevent contamination.

At Bywaters, we provide special coffee ground containers for recycling, so you needn’t worry. All you need to do is make sure the grounds have been disposed of into the correct bin that we give you.

If your coffee grounds are slightly wet, we can still process them. However, you should try to pour most of the excess water down the sink. When disposing of your coffee grounds, ensure they aren’t mixed with any non-organic matter, as this makes the grounds impossible to recycle or repurpose through our services. It’s also important to ensure that there is no food waste mixed in with the coffee grounds.

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