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Bywaters’ Engine Room

Bywaters has been providing sustainable waste management solutions at Gateway Road since we purchased the plot in 1983, and today the site is home to its own materials recovery facility – supplementing the services offered at Lea Riverside. From Gateway Road, Bywaters is able to handle all construction waste and also offer tipping services.

Gateway Road 11

Construction and Demolition Waste

Our facility at Gateway Road specialises in recycling construction and demolition (C&D) waste. Whether you’re undertaking a short-term renovation project or are constructing a new building, our Gateway Road facility can segregate your construction waste into individual streams that we then send for recycling.

Using our construction MRF and trommel screens, we can extract cardboard, wood, bricks, metals, and more from your waste, before baling these streams individually and sending them to reprocessing partners. Any residual material is sorted to extract fines – e.g. soil – and then sent to generate electricity for the National Grid at an energy from waste facility, preventing anything from being sent to landfill.

Gateway Road 10

Small Tipping Services

We cater to small tipping jobs at our Gateway Road facility, with a minimum tipping load of half a tonne (500kg). This is lower than the usual 1 tonne minimum found elsewhere, meaning that we’re not only the most environmentally sustainable place to tip, but also often the cheapest.

We have the capability to sort waste from all streams and divert them either to recycling or recovery, meaning – along with other types of waste – we’ll allow mini-tipping of construction and non-recyclable waste.

We understand that many businesses not only want to dispose of their waste in the most environmentally sustainable way, but also often need to tip small amounts. This is why we’ve made our first-class Gateway Road facility accessible to all businesses.

Waste Streams Sorted at our Gateway Road Facility

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