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Acting Responsibly

Bywaters believes that every company has a responsibility to make society a better place. Corporate social responsibility is therefore a central part of our ethos, working with our staff, clients, and external bodies to figure out ways in which we can inspire positive change and give back to our local community and good causes around the world, while at the same time promoting sustainable living.

Click below to explore some of our recent projects, and to find out more about the fantastic charities that we work with, ranging from helping to feed vulnerable people in the UK to combating illegal poaching in Asia and Africa.


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Have a Project you Think We Should be Working On?

We are always interested in hearing about new projects or initiatives where we can help make a difference, or new charities that we can support either through financial donations or volunteering hours. If you have an idea of something we might be interest in, then please get in touch and let us know about it.