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Our Battery Recycling Services

Batteries require special handling and processing in order to be recycled correctly since the chemicals inside can be volatile to handle and difficult to manage. Our recycling services provide a single-stream collection to ensure your discarded batteries are correctly broken down into their components and chemicals.

Bywaters accept all types of batteries at its facilities, including zinc, lithium and nickel. We provide clients with a specialised container for battery disposal. This recycling bin can be collected at your convenience and at the same time as your other waste stream collections such as WEEE and hazardous waste.

The chemicals inside recycled batteries can be broken down into new reusable products, ensuring the environment isn’t damaged by placing them in the incorrect waste stream. Using our battery recycling service, you’ll help save natural resources as there’s less need for new raw materials, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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In 2019, before the Global Pandemic...

Kg of Batteries Recycled
Kg of CO2 Emissions Prevented
Equivalent Miles of Driving Offset

The Battery Recycling Process

We provide battery boxes or tubes for your batteries

You stream all kinds of batteries into these containers

We collect your batteries with our Euro 6 fleet

The waste batteries are taken to a reprocessing partner

Your batteries are broken down into individual elements for recycling

Battery Recycling FAQs

This will depend on how quickly you fill your containers. We understand that battery collection bins don’t fill up as fast as other waste streams, so collections can be scheduled at your request. We will then pick up the containers on your chosen date.

As Bywaters manages a variety of battery types in different sizes and shapes, the amount needed to fill a container varies.

Batteries don’t need to be completely dead before you dispose of them, however in light of our sustainability values, it’s desirable to only throw away your batteries when they can no longer be used.

Batteries thrown in your general waste will end up in landfill where the chemicals inside can leak. This leads to soil and water pollution that is harmful to humans and environmental degradation.

The nickel recovered from batteries can be used to make steel, while lead is converted into ingots to produce new batteries. Battery acid is processed and converted into sodium sulphate which is used in laundry detergent and glass and textile manufacturing. Other components such as iron, cadmium and even mercury can all be reused too.

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