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Our Battery Recycling Services

Batteries need special treatment and processing if they are to be properly recycled. Single-streamed battery collections allow us to make sure that all of your discarded batteries can be broken down into their components and chemicals for proper recycling.

Bywaters provides specialised battery collection boxes, and operate collections services when they are convenient for you. We accept all kinds of batteries – including zinc, lithium and nickel – and all collections can be scheduled to coincide with other waste streams such as WEEE or hazardous waste carried out by our Euro 6 fleet.

In the Last Year...

Kg of Batteries Recycled
Kg of CO2 Emissions Prevented
Equivalent Miles of Driving Offset

The Battery Recycling Process

We provide battery boxes or tubes for your batteries

You stream all kinds of batteries into these containers

We collect your batteries with our Euro 6 fleet

The waste batteries are taken to a reprocessing partner

Your batteries are broken down into individual elements for recycling

Frequently Asked Questions

This varies depending on how quickly your containers fill up with used batteries.

We understand that containers such as the ones that we provide do not fill up at the same rate as the rest of your waste, such as higher volume streams like dry mixed recycling or cardboard. As such, collections are scheduled at your request when the container is full. We then collect the containers on your next service day.

Because Bywaters is able to deal with all types of batteries, the size and shapes, the amount of batteries required to fill a container will vary.

The containers for our clients do not fill up according to the number of batteries in them, rather by the size of the batteries placed inside them. Once your containers are full we will collect them on your next waste collection.

No, but in the interests of sustainability it is desirable only to throw out batteries that are no longer usable. In the process of recycling batteries, they are broken down into their component chemicals and materials.

The materials that make up batteries are difficult and are recycled differently than a lot of other waste by being chemically broken down. Often the chemicals used to make batteries can be volatile to handle and difficult as a result. This is why we collect them individually as their own unique waste service.