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Driving Engagement with Sustainable Practices

Bywaters’ Waste Awareness Days provide a fun and engaging way for you, your clients, and the public to get involved with and learn about sustainability and the importance of handling waste in environmentally-friendly ways.

Featuring a mixture of educational material and fun activities, our waste awareness days are a way for people to learn in a hands-on way about the problems the planet is facing, and the ways in which we can solve them. In addition to the training and onsite sustainability management provided by Bywaters, these events help foster a culture focused on protecting and preserving our environment.

Your dedicated Green Guru will organise waste awareness days to suit your requirements and engage as many people as possible with sustainability. Previous days have featured smoothie-making bikes, virtual reality tours of our facility, and great prizes.

We believe that the first step to increasing recycling rates is education, and each of our Waste Awareness Days is designed to provide you with a unique, enjoyable, and highly informative experience.

Benefits of our Waste Awareness Days

Offers a hands-on way to learn about environmental issues and sustainability

A series of fun activities underpin and reinforce the sustainability message

We provide practical sustainability advice and literature to all attendees

Our Green Gurus are on hand to provide detailed and personal advice

A chance for staff to learn about sustainability outside of a work environment

Waste Awareness Days 3
Waste Awareness Days 1
Waste Awareness Days 2

Find Out How Our Green Gurus Can Improve Your Sustainability

Our services don’t stop at collecting your waste. Bywaters always strives to be more than a recycling company, and our Waste Awareness Days enable us to spread our vision and educate more people about the importance of sustainable living. Get in touch to see how our Green Gurus can help enhance your sustainability.

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