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Our Toner Recycling Services

As part of our waste management services, Bywaters can provide specialised collections for waste printer toner cartridges. This helps keep your business’ printing sustainable, as undamaged toners can be reused, and damaged cartridges being recycled.

We can organise these specialist collections as part of a larger service including other waste streams such as cardboard and batteries, or at a time that is convenient to you. Our flexible and attentive customer service means that recycling is easy, and our disposal methods ensure that your waste is handled sustainably, avoiding anything being sent to landfill.

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Did You Know...

Kg of Toner Cartridges Recycled In The Last Year
Percentage of Toner Cartridges Recycled in UK
Years for One Cartridge to Decompose

The Toner Recycling Process

Toners and ink cartridges are placed into separate bins

We collect them using our sustainable Euro 6 fleet

Your cartridges are transported to a specialist facility

Any undamaged cartridges are cleaned and reused

Otherwise, they are broken down for parts and recycled

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s better to segregate toners from dry mixed recycling waste. Toner and ink cartridges can be reused and recycled into the same streams present in DMR, however the residual ink and whether or not the cartridge is damaged complicate the process and make recycling and reusing them more difficult.

With a specialised toner recycling service, the cartridges are cleaned out if they are undamaged and then simply reused, however if there is any damage then they need to be broken apart and then broken down into reusable materials. If they were thrown in a regular recycling bin, none of the toner cartridges could be salvaged for reuse.

Yes, your toner cartridge box can be collected with the rest of your waste collections. Bywaters offer bespoke services that are tailored to meet your needs. We can organise a collection in line with your other waste collections.

Bywaters offers reporting services that enable us and our clients to keep track of what waste is being produced where, as well as how much is being produced of what waste stream. Using this we are able to provide tailored collection services, meaning it would not be a one-size-fits-all rate at which toners are collected.

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