The Pod

The POD is an innovative small waste compactor, designed to process your waste, and take up no space. The compactor occupies the space of just six 1100L wheeled containers, whilst compacting as much as four tonnes of waste, the equivalent of up to 30 1100L containers. Please see below further specifications for the Pod system.

The Space Saving Innovation

Waste is more often than not a second thought when designing buildings. Offices and estates are regularly required to manage waste within small loading bays and tight waste rooms. This generally results in a large quantity of bins and an unnecessarily high number of collections. Not only can this lead to operational issues, but higher collection frequencies carry environmental costs, through increased vehicle emissions.

The POD is a powerful small compactor designed to enhance onsite operations. For sites with tight space requirements or small waste storage areas/loading bays, the POD delivers an effective optimisation of space, vehicle movements and carbon emissions – delivering reduced collections and a compact footprint.

Bywaters are the exclusive provider of The POD in London. Our Byspoke Engineering team are experts in small and large compactors, delivering operational and environmental benefits. We have installed the POD at sites across the city, including Royal National Hotel, where it has helped reduce vehicle movements from 20 a month, to 3 a month. This provided a transport carbon reduction whilst saving 40% of the space in their bin area, delivering an annual saving of £20,000.

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Case Studies

Bywaters works with multiple facilities in Londons most notable facilities. To help keep the environment clean and to significantly decrease waste container movement, Bywaters installed PODS.

The o2 Arena

Read how we offer waste management services to the o2 Arena, one of Londons most notable multi-purpose spaces. The o2 Arena is home to 20,000 capacity arena, indoor theatre, a music club, a Cineworld cinema, an exhibition space, piazzas, bars, and restaurants.

Imperial Hotel

Take a look at how we provide waste management services to Imperial hotel, grand hotel in the middle of Russel Square to maximise operational ease in sites where space is tight; second, to be conscious of how operations impact the environment; and third, to be cost effective.

Our highly qualified engineers at Bywaters can supply you with a bespoke POD tailored for your facility. The POD is highly adaptable and can be fitted with multiple add-ons for ease of convenience and collections. We can customise the pod with:

– Different containers for storage
– Different hoppers for accessibility
– Different shoots for utility
– Different intakes for readiness
– Custom designs for branding and image

The possibilities are endless, making the POD one of the best waste management solutions for you!

The POD - Small compactor FAQ’s

Whether you have an issue with space on site or not, The POD can help you to streamline your operations. This powerful machine has a compaction ratio of 9:1, fitting 30 x 1100l bins into the space of just 6.

The machine is specifically designed for sites with tight access and storage, or an issue with the number of waste collections. If you are looking for a solution to reduce your bins or collections frequencies, then The POD is the machine for you. To find out more, get in touch.

The Pod is a small compactor with immense power. This provides significant benefits to sites of all sizes. These include:

  • Optimised usage of space on site
  • Reduced waste costs
  • Reduced vehicle movements
  • Reduced issues with pests due to contained waste
  • Reduced Co2 emissions
  • Increased flexibility onsite
  • Increased control over operations and data

The Pod works like any other small compactor – however the power provided is far superior to many alternatives. The machine would be loaded with the required waste type, the compactor compresses the waste at a ratio of 9:1, fitting up to 30 bins into the small compaction container.

With Bywaters team of expert in-house Engineers, The POD is fully customisable. This small compactor can be fitted with a bin lift or shoot for easy loading, depending on location and site requirements.

The Pod is L (3645mm) x W (1440mm) and can hold 4 tonnes + Gross of waste, with a compression ratio of 9:1.

Yes –  The Pod can be moved easily onsite using a PodPuller, forklift and trucks.

You can load The Pod manually or though chutes and bin tipplers.

The Pod

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