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Bywaters have been Imperial London Hotels’ preferred total waste management partner for many years, and together we have built a vision of sustainable environmental performance and operational efficiency. This vision includes three essential goals: first, to maximise operational ease in sites where space is tight; second, to be conscious of how operations impact the environment; and third, to be cost effective. Bywaters have gained an intimate understanding of Imperial London Hotels’ waste requirements, and with this insight we were able to suggest an innovation that has revolutionised waste management at the Royal National Hotel: the Pod.

The Pod is a miniature compaction unit that takes up the same space of six 100L wheeled containers that is able to compact as much as four tonnes of waste. This means it is able to process up to the equivalent of 24 – 30 1100L containers, maximising the capacity while minimising the space occupied.

The Pod was successfully rolled out at the Royal National Hotel, replacing the previous collection service. Since installation, it has delivered space savings, reduced waste movements in and around the waste storage area, reduced vehicle movements, CO2 emissions reductions, and provided Imperial Hotels with significant cost savings – each of which is explained in greater detail below.

The immediate benefits came in terms of space – only taking up the same space as six wheeled 1100L bins means that the Pod’s installation saved upwards of 40% of the space that the previous bin provision occupied, with 10-12 bins stored and collected down there 5 days a week. While the Pod can be customised with a bin tipper, for the Imperial London Hotels it is more economical to decant the bagged waste into its compaction unit, removing the need for a large tipper installation. This has made moving in and around the waste storage area less cramped, freeing up valuable real estate, making the area safer, and providing deliveries – which share the same loading bay – with more space.

Furthermore, with the Pod implemented, the Imperial London Hotels’ collections were drastically reduced, from five times weekly of ten to twelve 1100L bin, to a collection every ten days of one ‘mini’ compactor load. Therefore the vehicle movements were reduced drastically from twenty a month to only three times a month; collections are now over six times less frequent! Bywaters are committed to providing sustainable solutions for our clients from all aspects of our service provision; not only has this vehicle reduction removed congestion from London’s already-busy roads, it is also saving 67.4kg CO2e per month, significantly reducing the site’s transport emissions (figure calculated using DEFRA’s conversion factors for HGV’s and the 6.6 mile distance by road between the Royal National Hotel and our Lea Riverside facility).
With the increase of operational efficiency onsite and the reduction vehicle movements, not only have the Imperial London Hotels benefitted operationally and environmentally; they will also experience cost savings throughout the contract. Alongside the decrease in the number of collections from twenty a month to only three times a month, there is the removal of ten 1100L containers’ worth of rental costs. Even factoring in the rental for the Pod unit, this initiative is generating Imperial London Hotels a cost saving of £20,000 annually.

This full service solution was simple to implement and Bywaters has taken care of the installation, maintenance and necessary training of employees, ensuring that Imperial London Hotels experienced only the benefits of this new machinery. Operations have streamlined, space in the loading bay is optimised, their site’s environmental performance has improved, and it will furthermore provide significant savings long-term. By installing the Pod, the Royal National and Imperial London Hotels have seen improvements in just about every sphere.


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