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Our Cardboard Recycling Services

A large proportion of the waste produced by businesses in the UK is cardboard waste; from boxes for storage, to packages for delivery and lunch packaging, it really is everywhere. At Bywaters, we’ve made it easy for you to recycle everything from boxes and plates, to tubes and fibreboards. Our recycling services turn your waste cardboard into new packaging and products, ensuring the material gets more than one use.

Bywaters can arrange cardboard collection for your business at a time that’s convenient for you. This is then transported by our Euro-6 fleet to our specialised solar-powered facility in East London where it is bulked and baled. The bales are then sent onwards to one of our trusted partners to be reprocessed, eliminating the need for more cardboard to be unnecessarily manufactured.

As part of our cardboard collection service, our customers also benefit from access to our custom-made BRAD reporting software. This gives you real-time data about the services we provide, allowing you to keep track of the environmental and cost savings after we recycle your cardboard.

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In 2019, before the Global Pandemic...

Tonnes of Cardboard Recycled
Kg of CO2 Emissions Prevented
Homes Powered Through Energy Savings

The Cardboard Recycling Process

Cardboard waste is collected by our Euro 6 vehicles

It is bulked and baled at our solar-powered materials recovery facility

The cardboard is then sent onwards to our trusted partner mills

The cardboard is recycled it into new cardboard products

All cardboard waste is successfully diverted from landfill

Cardboard Recycling FAQs

Cardboard is made from natural wood fibres which are 100% recyclable. Recycling the material means fewer raw resources are required to make cardboard, which lessens the impact on the environment. Sustainably removing your business’s cardboard waste this way will also save you some money as it generally costs more for local authorities to do so.

As long as the cardboard waste isn’t completely covered in food and oils haven’t seeped into it, it’s fine to recycle it. It’s best to clear all of your food from the material and recycle that separately into your food waste bin.

 Even if your cardboard is in unfit condition for recycling, Bywaters can segregate it for use in other disposal options, such as energy recovery which uses the material to create power for the National Grid, or we find ways to reuse the cardboard.

The physical condition of the cardboard doesn’t impact our process, it is simply crushed and baled when it is recycled. Even if the material is torn or ripped, it can still be segregated into the dry mixed or designated cardboard bin. However, wet cardboard needs to be dried out before being disposed of.

Unless the box is covered in an excessive amount of tape, removing it isn’t strictly necessary as this can be managed at our facilities. We would appreciate it if you did try to remove tape where possible though, as this saves time.

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