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Our Cardboard Recycling Services

A large proportion of the waste produced by businesses in the UK is cardboard waste; from boxes to post to lunch packaging, it really is everywhere. The good news is that cardboard is easily recycled back into new packaging and cardboard products.

Bywaters collects cardboard waste from your business and brings it back to our solar-powered facility for bulking and baling. Once we’ve baled this material, we send it onwards to a number of our trusted partners to be reprocessed into new cardboard packaging and products.

In the Last Year...

Tonnes of Cardboard Recycled
CO2 Emissions Prevented (kg)
Homes Powered Through Energy Savings

The Cardboard Recycling Process

Cardboard waste is collected by our Euro 6 vehicles

It is bulked and baled at our solar-powered materials recovery facility

The cardboard is then sent onwards to our trusted partner mills

The cardboard is recycled it into new cardboard products

Nothing goes to landfill

Frequently Asked Questions

Only if the waste isn’t completely covered in food and any oils haven’t soaked into the cardboard. If possible, clear all food waste off the cardboard into a food waste bin and then sort the cardboard into either a dry mixed recycling (DMR) bin or dedicated cardboard recycling container.

Often cardboard packaging for food has a form or laminate or is otherwise designed to be recyclable after its first use. Even if it was no longer viable to be recycled it would need to be sent to us and segregated for other disposal options.

Usually no, but there are some exceptions. If the cardboard has become wet, then it will need to be dried out before being disposed of. However, if the cardboard was torn or ripped in some way it is still to be segregated into the DMR bin.

The process the cardboard goes through to be recycled destroys the initial form inevitably to if the material is just ripped up this does not affect the process at our facility.