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Our Coffee Cup Recycling Services

Although they are made largely of paper, disposable coffee cups are also lined with plastic polyethylene, which makes recycling them difficult, as fused materials cannot be processed at standard recycling facilities.

Bywaters has sourced a recycling solution for these difficult coffee cups, in addition to offering a separate solution for recycling your leftover coffee grounds. We collect sorted disposable coffee cups from your premises, baling them at our sustainable materials recovery facility, before sending them to an approved mill to be processed into high-grade paper products.

The mills we partner with have the technology to separate the plastic from the paper cup, and then recycle both materials, ensuring nothing goes to waste.

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Percentage of Coffee Cups Currently Not Recycled
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The Coffee Cup Recycling Process

Your coffee cups are collected by our electric van

We bulk your cups and transport them to our partner mill

The mill separates the plastic from the paper in the cup

The plastic is recycled into new products

The paper is recycled into high-quality paper products

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in order for us to recycle the cups they have to be separated from other waste. This is because the plastic lining of the cups means they can’t be recycled with other paper products.

We partner with specialist facilities across the UK to offer the most sustainable services possible. These facilities are able to recycle coffee cups in to a variety of high quality items and prevent anything going to waste.

Yes, plastic lids should be disposed of separately, ideally in a dry mixed recycling bin or specialist part of your coffee cup bin. The specialist facilities that we transport your coffee cups to are only equipped for treating and recycling used coffee cups.

By disposing of your plastic lids separately, these will be sorted at our facility and baled together before being sent to be recycled into new plastic products, with nothing going to landfill.

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