Harness the power of AI for smarter waste management. NANDO, your intelligent waste scanner, identifies any object with unmatched accuracy, ensuring optimal sorting and maximized recycling in your business.

The AI Powered Waste Scanner

Navigating waste can be daunting, given the amount of items and materials out there. This frequently leads to incorrect waste disposal and contamination as evidenced by the alarmingly high average contamination rate of 25%. Contaminated waste poses significant challenges, it renders other recyclables unusable and dramatically increases processing costs.

Introducing Nando, your intelligent waste scanner powered by AI exclusively available to Bywaters clients. This user-friendly solution seamlessly integrates into your bin system to identify any waste item with exceptional accuracy. Nando empowers you and your team to make informed recycling decisions, ultimately minimising contamination with its comprehensive reporting dashboard. Businesses using Nando have achieved remarkable results, including a 60% increase in recycling rates and a 20% reduction in waste disposal costs.

Nando Eye

Nando Eye identifies any object in real-time, displaying the right waste stream on its monitor for effortless sorting.

Nando Sensor

Nando Sensor’s plug-and-play design lets you quickly monitor waste production. Get professional reports, and spread sustainable habits in your community with gamification.

Nando App

Simply snap a picture of your waste with the Nando app and instantly identify what your business throws away, helping you optimise recycling.

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Nando is a simple plug-and-play solution that makes any bin smart, providing valuable insights about your waste. Whether you’re a print shop or a commercial office, Nando helps you track your waste.

Nando’s smart technology hosts a plethora of benefits that can help you:

  • Drastically reduce waste contamination
  • Help you achieve your environmental goals
  • Slash waste processing costs
  • Streamline your waste disposal processes
  • Spark positive change and build a greener community

Nando sensors are specifically designed to fit seamlessly into your existing bins without hindering bag removal or emptying operations. This is rigorously tested and confirmed during installation at all monitoring locations.

Unlike some sensors, ours require a connection to the existing electrical grid for reliable operation. During our installation process, we’ll assess the distance between your bins and existing power outlets to determine the best solution.

Rest assured, your data is safe and sound! Nando Eye and Sensor use their own dedicated private network to transmit data directly to servers, completely separate from your WiFi network.

Upon detection of sensor malfunction, our diagnostic system immediately sends an alert to the technical team.

Our technical experts will promptly address the issue, either remotely or by arranging a in person visit to the customer’s site if necessary, to replace the damaged equipment.

Should you have any concerns or encounter issues regarding our service or product, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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