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Our WEEE Recycling Services

More and more electronic items and equipment are entering business’ waste, and finding effective recycling and reuse solutions for these items is crucial. Bywaters has the experience and capability to ensure that your Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment is handled sustainably and securely.

We collect any form of WEEE – such as white goods, appliances, IT equipment – using our environmentally-friendly fleet and ensure that it is either reused or broken down into component parts for recycling. This makes sure that none of your WEEE ends up in landfill, and maximises the future use of each individual item.

Did You Know...

Tonnes of WEEE Waste Discarded Each Year
Litres of water Contaminated by One Fluorescent Tube

The WEEE Recycling Process

We collect your WEEE using our Euro 6 fleet

For IT equipment, we can arrange of data wiping services

Any items that may be reusable are donated to charity or local businesses

Any non-reusable items are broken down into component parts and metals

Each material is then recycled into new parts

Frequently Asked Questions

No, not at all. Electrical appliances and equipment are either separated into materials to be reused in several different recycling processes or are destroyed in some way depending on the material. For example screen glass does not need to be intact as it will be separated out into a stream of glass which is crushed during the recycling process.

White Goods are a term used to refer to appliances such as fridges, washing machines, or freezers. Bywaters’ WEEE services will always prioritise reusing these items if possible, to save new appliances from being made unnecessarily. However, broken appliances will be broken down into component parts and recycled.

We always work with our clients to find solutions for any waste requirement, but usually the largest items we collect in the WEEE stream are fridges and washing machines.

If you need to dispose of larger items, then please contact us and we will work out a waste solution that works for you.