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Bywaters has always been at the forefront of diversity within the recycling industry, with a forward-thinking approach to tackling these issues. Our Women’s Mentorship programme is just one of the many initiatives we have in place to support and empower women within our organisation.

The goal of our mentorship program is to provide a platform for female employees to develop their skills, through guidance from experienced mentors. We believe that having strong role models and access to opportunities for growth are crucial in promoting gender equality and empowering women in the workforce.

Our journeys are all unique. However, it’s important to note that somebody has walked your path before. Through mentorship, you can learn more about yourself and the career you have in front of you.

Why are Bywaters prioritising Women for this programme?

As of February 2024, the percentage of female workers in the waste industry in the UK is approximately 23.4%. Therefore, achieving gender equality remains an important goal, and we should continue pursuing intentional programs and resources across the waste industry.

Who are our mentors?

Our mentors are senior staff members from various departments across the company, including Finance, Operations, Engineering, Health & Safety, Human Resources, Client Management, and Customer Services. This diverse group offers a wealth of experience and knowledge across different areas of the organisation.

What guidance do we offer to our mentee's?

Our Women's Mentorship Program empowers mentees by providing guidance on setting achievable career goals, acquiring job-specific skills, navigating workplace dynamics, building professional networks, fostering confidence, embracing a growth mindset, and receiving ongoing support.

Who can sign up for the programme?

The program is open to all women working at Bywaters. The goal is to equip all mentees with the necessary tools and resources needed to fulfil their potential.

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