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The Heart of Our Operations

Our head office and flagship facility are located at Lea Riverside in Bow. This site is primarily home to our solar-powered materials recovery facility (MRF), but also includes our plasterboard recycling and confidential waste management operations, along with our in-house engineering team.

State-of-the-Art Segregation

Our Lea Riverside headquarters is home to the largest under cover materials recovery facility in London – powered by London’s largest solar p.v. retrofit, with 4,000 solar panels affixed to its roof. This state-of-the art facility sorts mixed waste into segregated waste streams before bulking and sending each stream onwards for recycling.

This is all done with the help of both our dedicated staff and a series of specific machines and technologies, all designed to separate out different materials. A mixture of roll screens, near-infrared optical sorting equipment, magnets, eddy currents, and air tunnels all work to sort waste into streams and sub-streams.

Lea Riverside 3

Our Specialised Plasterboard MRF

In addition to our solar-powered materials recovery facility, our Lea Riverside site also houses an industry-leading plasterboard MRF.

Plasterboard waste is complicated and difficult to handle, as many materials have to be separated before they can be reprocessed into useful products. If handled correctly, plasterboard can be pulped down and recycled for use in future construction projects and for manufacturing gypsum products.

Our plasterboard MRF handles hundreds of tonnes of off-cuts from building projects each each month. This facility removes contamination and prepares the waste to be transferred to specialist mills that remove residual paper and recycle plasterboard.

Lea Riverside 5

In-house Secure Shredding

Bywaters recycles our clients’ confidential waste at our Lea Riverside facility. Our secure shredding facility is BS EN 15713 certified, complete with laser security systems and biometric scanners at access points.

We take our customers’ data protection very seriously, and ensure that all confidential waste is handled by licensed staff at all stages of the recycling process.

Once confidential waste has been shredded, the resulting paper is bulked and processed for recycling. Not only is all our clients’ information kept secure, but all paper is diverted to manufacture new sustainable products, saving more trees from being cut down unnecessarily.

Waste Streams Sorted at our Lea Riverside Facility

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