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Residential Skip Hire with Bywaters

Bywaters has several sizes of residential skips available, including a four-yard skip, which can hold around 35 black bags – perfect for smaller house clearances. A six-yard skip, which generally holds around 65 black bags and is popular for large house clearances. An eight-yard skip is capable of fitting 75 black bags and is used for big garden or renovation works. The biggest size we offer is a 12-yard skip, which is suitable for major projects to remove bulkier items like furniture and packaging.


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8 yard1.234.021.98
12 yard1.604.021.90

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What’s the difference between residential and commercial skip hire

Domestic skips are ideal for residential projects, such as landscaping your garden, refurbishing your home, or taking on a DIY project. Commercial skip hire is for businesses carrying out related projects like building, office clearances, and shop refits.

The main difference between residential and commercial skip hire is the permission required when installing the container. You do not require permission or a permit to put a skip on commercial land – if you have permission from the land owner the skip can be installed anywhere on their land.

If a residential skip is to be placed on a public road, it requires a permit from the local council – Bywaters can obtain this prior to delivery at an additional cost. If the skip is placed on private land it will not require a permit – the ground must be strong and suitable for a skip to be placed on it.

Why choose Bywaters

Not only do we have 60 years of experience in providing waste management solutions to the city, but our equipment is also secure, reliable, and sustainable. By choosing us, you can ensure you’re following sustainable practices and recycling as much waste as possible. We want to create an environmentally friendly society to live in and do this by aiming to recycle everything and sending zero waste to the landfill. We power our Lea Riverside site with solar power, while our Gateway Road facility is sorted to extract fines (such as soil) from residual material, before being sent to generate electricity for the National Grid. Every element of the waste management process is considered — even the vehicles we use for transportation are either low-emission, hybrid, or fully electric motors, meaning they comply with our sustainability values.

Frequently Asked Questions

The size of residential skip you need depends on how much waste you generate. For instance, a six-yard skip will be suitable for a small home project like a kitchen renovation, while a 12-yard skip can hold heavy items of furniture, like sofas and display cabinets. Prior to hiring a skip, assess the project and try to estimate how much you’re planning to remove.

Some companies allow customers to hire a skip for a day, while others insist on a minimum hire period. On average, skips are hired between seven and 10 days. Contact us to find out how long you can rent our equipment for.

4 yd6 yd8 yd12 yd
Mixed WasteYesYesYesYes
Soil OnlyYesYesYesNo
Hardcore OnlyYesYesYesNo
Other itemsYesYesYesYes

Waste regulations dictate that items which are hazardous or harmful to individuals and the environment can’t be placed in a skip. 

This includes:

  • Asbestos
  • Gas cylinders
  • Animal waste
  • Batteries
  • Paint
  • Glue 
  • TVs
  • Computer monitors & laptops
  • Electrical equipment 
  • Lighting
  • Tyres

For these items, we provide a hazardous waste recycling service to ensure any dangerous waste is handled safely and responsibly.

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