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Our Enfield Recycling Services

The collection of waste within Enfield may prove challenging at times, due to the high population and volume of businesses. However, Bywater’s has the experience and resources to efficiently manage the district’s waste streams. We sort recyclable and non-recyclable waste in a timely and consistent manner to ensure businesses and residential areas are more sustainable — further contributing to our main goals  to create a greener future. Our Green Gurus help  our clients develop a waste management strategy to better manage their waste streams.

Waste Disposal

Within Enfield, Bywaters can provide waste management solutions for many circumstances. We can process: dry mixed recycling, glass, cardboard, coffee cups, food and muchmore. Our team is highly experienced and skilled in using various types of machinery, operating in a safe and secure manner to ensure all necessary precautions are taken to, sustainably and safely, manage your commercial waste.

Our Lea Riverside site, in Bow, is home to the largest materials recovery facility (MRF) in London. Waste from Enfield is transported to our solar powered site to be processed. The machinery then separates the materials into their allocated streams to be processed further, and eventually sent off for recycling.

We have another facility, located at Gateway Road, which specialises in the management of construction and demolition waste. This includes the collecting and processing of materials such as brick and metal. These are then sent for recycling and energy recovery. We also offer a tipping service for loads of up to 500kg. 

Waste Collection

Our waste stream collections are scheduled accordingly. Through communication with businesses, we arrange a convenient time for your waste to be collected by our sustainable fleet, which consists of our fully electric or ULEZ compliant Euro 6 vehicles. Your waste is then transported to our facilities where it will be reused, recycled or recovered, depending on the type of waste it is. 

Waste collection within Enfield is an important task for Bywaters. It helps enable us to reach our goal of contributing to a more environmentally friendly society — developing a cleaner and sustainable future. Your business will be sent a range of recycling bins and containers, depending on specific needs,along with a custom waste collection service tailored to you. Once collected, Bywaters ensure zero waste is sent to landfill, helping your business reduce its carbon footprint and protect the environment.

Enfield Waste Statistics

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Over 590 tonnes of waste recycled annually 

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Over 2,600 tonnes of waste collected annually

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More than 5,500 collections a year

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60 clients serviced seven days a week

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20 individual waste streams currently serviced

Enfield: A Short Guide

The London Borough of Enfield sits within  North London. A few of its local towns and neighbouring areas include Barnet and Cheshunt. Edmonton, Tottenham, Chingford and Wood Green.

The history of Enfield

The borough’s history can be traced back to Roman times, with remaining Roman settlements close to Ermine Street, located in Bush Hill Park. In the 11th century, Enfield Town became an administrative and religious centre within the city. By the 14th century, the area had become an important business location, with an increasing number of companies registered. Edward I granted the first market licence for the area, giving Enfield rights to host two fairs annually. In the 15th century, production and development of the London Borough of Enfield began, which is when the historic All Saints Church, in Edmonton, was built. 

By the early 17th Century, Enfield had become the lead borough for delivering fresh water to the city’s expanding population. An impressive 40-mile-long canal was constructed between Hertfordshire through Enfield and into London. The borough houses some important buildings such as; The Royal Small Arms Factory, the Edmonton Gas Works and several waterworks. Which were all constructed  during the 18th and 19th century. 

A booming borough

Enfield boasts a fairly diverse community as according to studies.38% of the boroughs population are of Black, Asian and other ethinic minorities. It is home to over 338,000 residents.

The borough has a decent number of registered businesses; the figure sits at 14,285. The top industries within the area include management consultancy, computer consultancy, and other business support services, as well as construction and domestic buildings, and accounting and auditing companies. These businesses can generate large amounts of waste which Bywaters collect and process.

The high density of businesses and tourist sites generates a substantial amount of commercial waste, which Bywaters will be busy managing and collecting. This can be challenging at times but we have experience working effectively and sustainably to deal with waste. We provide an efficient and versatile service to clients of all magnitudes, and can offer you the best solutions for your waste management.

Tourist Hotspots

Enfield has some notable tourist hotspots that attract thousands of visitors annually. This includes the famous Forty Hall Estate —  a beautiful manor house surrounded by a serene landscape  — the Bruce Castle Museum, the Royal Gunpowder mills, the Epping Forest District Museum, Queen Elizabeth’s hunting lodge, Epping Forest and Alexandra Palace. There are also many stores and shopping parades which include luxury and retail units.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you forget to put your bins out ready for your Bywater collection, our dedicated customer services team is able to handle any missed services. Simply contact us on 0207 001 6000 or via email at

This is dependent on your area, the noise restrictions in place and when we are in that specific location. Generally speaking though, our service is 24/7 across London.

We have a dedicated WEEE waste stream for electronics which ensures your disposed devices are recycled sustainably in accordance with the government’s WEEE regulations. Bywaters provides containers for electronic waste, meaning we can manage them as part of your Enfield waste collection. You can also store these in a container you already have and we’ll decant them when we collect your commercial waste.

At Bywaters we would always look for a reuse solution before disposal. If the item is in good working order we can find a new home for it through our partner network. If the item cannot be reused then large items can be collected on Bywaters tail-lift vehicle. To book a collection please contact Customer Services on 0207 001 6000 or email us at

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