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Our Islington Waste Management Services

Delivering Islington with the appropriate waste management options can be a complex challenge. However, at Bywaters, our team of experts are equipped with the equipment for the job, enabling us to manage, sort and recycle waste produced by businesses of any size in different industries. One of our key missions is to help build a greener society through sustainable waste initiatives — our Green Gurus offer advice to clients and develop waste management strategies to improve the eco-friendliness of organisations.

Islington Waste Disposal

Bywaters can dispose of various types of waste, including cardboard, glass, dry mixed recycling, food, batteries, and more. With our experienced team and specialist equipment, we can safely, securely and sustainably manage Islington’s commercial waste.

Home to London’s largest indoor materials recovery facility (MRF), we transport rubbish to our Lea Riverside headquarters in Bow. Running on solar power, its state-of-the-art technology sorts mixed waste into segregated streams, before being bulked and sent off for recycling.

Our other facility located at Gateway Road manages construction and demolition waste, including bulky items like bricks and metal. So, if you’re renovating your office or moving premises, we can help you dispose of the rubbish and send all materials to either recycling or energy recovery. We also offer a tipping service for loads of 500kg and above.

Islington Waste Collection

Arranged at your convenience, our sustainable fleet of fully electric or ULEZ compliant Euro 6 vehicles will collect and transport business waste to one of our facilities. Here it is then reused, recycled or recovered, depending on what type of waste it is.

Our Islington waste collection service is more important than ever as we aim to improve the city’s recycling rates and sustainability. We’ll send your business a range of recycling bins and containers, according to your specific needs, and fit our collection service into your schedule. Once it’s in our hands, we ensure that zero waste is sent to landfill, helping your business reduce its carbon footprint and protect the environment.

Islington Waste Statistics

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Over 625 tonnes of waste recycled every year

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Over 2,000 tonnes of waste collected annually

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More than 8,000 collections a year

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37 clients serviced seven days a week

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16 individual waste streams currently serviced

Islington: A Short Guide

Located directly north of the historic City of London, the borough of Islington consists of Archway, Canonbury, Clerkenwell, Finsbury Park, Holloway Highbury, St. Luke’s, and the titular district. It’s home turf for Arsenal Football Club, with the Emirates Stadium welcoming many football fans throughout the season. Islington also has a variety of independent theatres and an array of restaurants, pubs and bars.

The history of Islington

Originally named by the Saxons as Giseldone (1005), then Gislandune (1062), the name means ‘Gīsla’s hill’ from the Old English Gīsla and dun ‘hill’, ‘down’. This mutated into Isledon, which was used well into the 17th century, before the area became officially known as Islington at its formation in 1899. It’s the second smallest borough in London and the third smallest district in England.

Culture and politics

Islington is known for its art culture, with high-end galleries and theatres dotted around the borough. Here you’ll find Almeida Theatre, the Little Angel Theatre and Sadler’s Wells which boasts a history dating back over 300 years. These buildings have helped create a theatre hub away from the traditional, bustling West End. Islington also houses the London Canal Museum, Union Chapel and the London Metropolitan University.

The borough is a popular area for young, progressive individuals and has a rich history of radical left-wing politics. Jeremy Corbyn, member of parliament for Islington North since 1983 was responsible for leading the Labour party from 2015-2020, and is representative of the neighbourhood.

A rich and diverse borough

Islington is a densely populated and diverse region of London, with different social classes living in close proximity. Around 233,200 people live in Islington, with a significant proportion of these aged between 20 and 39. While ethnic minorities, including African and Afro-Caribbean groups, make up one-fifth of the residents in the borough.

There are over 15,300 registered businesses in Islington — 89% of which employ less than nine people (the London average). The dominant industries in the borough are professional services and the scientific and technical sectors, which represent 22% of all employment. Islington also has a thriving and resourceful voluntary sector that supports thousands of citizens in the borough. Together, these businesses and initiatives create large amounts of commercial waste for Bywaters to manage and dispose of.

Consequently, this leaves our team with a lot on our plate, but our drive to improve recycling rates pushes us forward. In Islington, we cater to businesses of all sizes, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a theatre showing the latest production or an office complex generating coffee cups or food waste, we can give you the right waste solution for your company needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you forget to put your bins out ready for your Bywater collection, our dedicated customer services team is able to handle any missed services. Simply contact us on 0207 001 6000 or via email at

We have a dedicated WEEE (Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment) waste stream for electronics which ensures your disposed devices are recycled sustainably, in accordance with the government’s WEEE regulations. Bywaters provides businesses in Islington with the right containers for clients to dispose of electronic items. So, say you’re having an office refurbishment and getting rid of old PCs, we can collect those for you.

We’ve already listed a few types of waste we manage here at Bywaters, including dry-mixed recycling, cardboard, and glass. We also deal with confidential waste, hazardous items and coffee grounds. For more information on our specific recycling services, get in touch with us and we can create a waste management strategy that works for you.

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