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Our Greenwich Recycling Services

Managing and collecting the waste streams within Greenwich can be a strenuous task, due to the large volume of tourist sites and businesses. At Bywaters, we have acquired the experience and equipment to efficiently manage and sort waste, and recycle products produced by businesses of any size in any industry. Our main goals are to ensure that we can contribute to creating a more sustainable and greener future. Bywaters’ Green Gurus help our clients develop a waste management strategy of their own.

Waste Disposal

Within the Royal Borough of Greenwich, Bywaters are able to dispose of many types of commercial waste. This includes; dry mixed recycling, glass, cardboard, coffee cups, food and much more. At Bywaters, our experienced team is able to use our specialist equipment to safely, securely and sustainably manage your waste. 

We are home to the largest MRF (materials recovery facility) in the UK, based in Bow. We transport Greenwich’s waste to our site, where it is processed and sorted, to be bulked and sent off for recycling. Our facility is run by solar power, which is drawn through the many 4,000 panel array affixed to our roof. 

Our other facility, located in Gateway Road, manages construction and demolition waste. This includes heavier items, such as bricks and metals. These materials are sent off for recycling or for energy recovery. We also provide tipping services for loads of up to 500kg. 

Waste Collection

With waste collections, we arrange a convenient time for your business. Our sustainable dustcart fleet, which consists of fully electric and ULEZ Compliant Euro 6 vehicles, collect and transport your commercial waste to our site. Here the materials are processed for reuse, recycling and recovery — all dependent on the type of waste collected.

In Greenwich, it is vital that we keep our waste collection service efficient and organised for our clients. At Bywaters, we aim to build and create an environmentally friendly future for the coming generations. We will send your businesses a variety of recycling and waste bins, containers and storage depending on the needs. The timing of our collection service is then tailored to suit your business schedule and  we ensure that nothing ends up in landfill, which helps your company reduce its carbon footprint.

Greenwich Waste Statistics

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Over 800 tonnes of waste recycled annually 

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Over 3,800 tonnes of waste collected annually

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More than 9,900 collections a year

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65 clients serviced seven days a week

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23 individual waste streams currently serviced

Greenwich: A Short Guide

Greenwich is a large area located in South East London. The borough lies on the southern bank of the River Thames and houses various towns including Blackheath, Charlton, Plumstead, Shooters Hill, Woolwich, Abbey Wood, Mottingham, Eltham, South End and Kidbrooke. Known for being a tourist hotspot with wonderful scenic locations, it is home to some of the most famous sites in London, such as Cutty Sark, The Queen’s House and Greenwich Market. 

The history of Greenwich

The Royal Borough of Greenwich dates back to 1012. The area was greatly favoured by the Royal family at the time, and the town centre remains a Unesco World Heritage Site. Some of the historic sites, such as Eltham and Greenwich Palace, still stand to this day, and have survived from the 14th and 15th century. 

The borough’s monarchial history derives from the interest shown towards the area by the royal family, across generations. During the 16th and 17th century, many properties were owned by Henry VII, including the Palace of Placentia which was the birthplace of Henry VIII.

The Royal Hospital for Seaman, and its schools and college were all established between 1696 and 1998. This sits alongside the National Maritime Museum which has been located in Greenwich since 1937. The borough, as present, was fully established in 1965; through a merger between two of the largest areas within London — Greenwich and Woolwich. 

A booming borough 

It’s currently estimated that the borough houses over 282,000 residents. Greenwich is widely diverse with one in two (52%) people originating from a white British background.

There are over 11,000 registered businesses currently within the borough, including multiple creative companies, tourist sites and a large retail selection. Greenwich is also home to many construction and manufacturing organisations. The area welcomes plenty of  tourist activity which alongside businesses naturally produces large amounts of waste.

Bywaters waste management responsibilities include dealing with various commercial waste streams around London. We aim to provide more effective and efficient means of collecting your waste by catering to businesses of all sizes across all boroughs. Small or large, your business will receive the same level of customer service — we provide the best waste management solutions for your organisation’s needs. 

Tourist Hotspots

The Royal Borough of Greenwich is a vibrant area filled with thousands of businesses and famous tourist sites. The borough housed the first railway project which ran between London and Greenwich, back in 1836. It’s home to The Valley (Charlton Athletic), the Royal Observatory, Greenwich Park, the Royal Naval College, the O2 arena and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you forget to put your bins out ready for your Bywater collection, our dedicated customer services team is able to handle any missed services. Simply contact us on 0207 001 6000 or via email at

This is dependent on your area, the noise restrictions in place and when we are in that specific location. Generally speaking though, our service is 24/7 across London.

At Bywaters we would always look for a reuse solution before disposal. If the item is in good working order we can find a new home for it through our partner network. If the item cannot be reused then large items can be collected on Bywaters tail-lift vehicle. To book a collection please contact Customer Services on 0207 001 6000 or email us at

We have a dedicated WEEE waste stream for electronics which ensures your disposed devices are recycled sustainably in accordance with the government’s WEEE regulations. Bywaters provides containers for electronic waste, meaning we can manage them as part of your Greenwich waste collection. You can also store these in a container you already have and we’ll decant them when we collect your commercial waste.

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