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Hackney Waste Collection Services

With so many businesses operating in Hackney, collecting and disposing of the area’s waste can be a challenge. Fortunately, we have the expertise and specialised equipment at Bywaters to correctly manage, sort and recycle waste generated by companies of all sizes, from all industries. One of our key missions is to create a sustainable and green future, with our Green Gurus offering guidance and developing bespoke waste management strategies.

Waste Disposal

In Hackney, we are able to dispose of many different materials, including dry mixed items, confidential waste, cardboard, glass, and coffee cups. With a team dedicated to sending zero waste to landfill, Bywaters can safely, securely and sustainably manage business waste, no matter what kind of material it is.

Home to London’s largest indoor Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), we transport commercial waste to our Lea Riverside headquarters in Bow, East London. Running on solar power, its state-of-the-art technology sorts mixed waste into segregated streams, which are then bulked and sent off for recycling.

Our other facility located at Gateway Road specialises in construction and demolition waste, so if your business premises are undergoing a refurbishment, for example, we can dispose of the rubbish. This includes bulky waste items such as bricks and metal. These are either diverted to energy recovery or recycling. We also offer a small tipping service for loads up to 500kg.

Waste Collection

Arranged at a convenient time for your business, Bywater’s waste collection service is powered by our sustainable fleet of either fully electric or ULEZ compliant Euro 6 vehicles. Your commercial waste is then transported to one to one of our facilities, where it’s reused, recycled or recovered.

As we continue to develop an environmentally friendly society, our waste management service is more important than ever. We will send you a selection of recycling bins and containers to suit your business needs, and tailor our waste collection to a time that’s best for you. Once in our hands, we ensure that zero waste is sent to landfill, helping your organisation reduce its carbon footprint and reach its sustainability goals.

Hackney Waste Statistics

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Over 270 tonnes of material recycled annually

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More than 1,100 tonnes of waste collected every year

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Over 7,000 collections a year

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45 clients serviced seven days a week

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13 individual waste streams currently serviced

Hackney: Short Guide

Hackney is located in North-East London, encompassing areas such as Hackney Central, Hackney Downs, Dalston, Shacklewell, Stamford Hill, Stoke Newington, Homerton, London Fields, Hoxton and Shoreditch. Formerly one of London’s industrial epicentres, the borough is now a thriving, bustling hub for creatives and cutting-edge food and nightlife.

The History of Hackney

The name ‘Hackny’ first popped up on records in 1198 BC, and at the time, the area was populated by farmlands that supplied much of London with its fresh produce It became a popular spot among medieval royals due to its proximity to the city, and was once home to Henry VIII’s palace Brooke House. Hackney then experienced an industrial transformation, introducing water-powered mills and railways.

There are over 1,300 listed buildings in Hackney, as well as many notable places of interest. It was one of the host boroughs for the 2012 Olympics, and houses the Hackney Empire (a popular venue for musicians and comedians), the National Centre of Circus Arts and Sutton House. You’ll also find Broadway Market here, offering everything from vintage clothing to international cuisine.

A booming borough

An increasingly diverse area, Hackney is home for more than 280,900 people, and has established Caribbean, Turkish and Orthodox Jewish communities. 25% of its population is under the age of 20, and as a result, it has the reputation for being something of a hipster hive, offering residents and visitors a swathe of trendy pubs, restaurants and venues.

Most recent data states there are 21,145 registered businesses in Hackney — 89% of these employing less than nine people. The professional, scientific and technical sectors are the most prominent types in the area, with a prevalence of management consultancies, specialised design companies, and architectural and engineering firms. Naturally, as the area continues to grow, and more businesses pop up, more waste is bound to be created.

Consequently, Bywaters will have more waste management responsibilities and challenges to tackle in order to properly dispose of waste in Hackney. We cater to businesses of all sizes, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a street food vendor or an established corporate organisation — we can collect and recycle your commercial waste.

Tourist Hotspots

Alongside the typical waste we collect from businesses, Hackney’s status as a flourishing cultural hotspot sees it host numerous events, including festivals such as All Points East, EartH, and Hackney Carnival. You can also visit tourist hotspots like the Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Geffrye Museum and Vortex Jazz Club. These events and attractions inevitably generate large amounts of waste, including single-use plastic and ditched decorations. As a result, we cater to events to ensure waste doesn’t enter landfill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we dispose of a large item, we always look for a reuse solution first. If the item is in good working condition, we’ll be able to find it a new home through our partner network. However, if it can’t be reused, then large items can be collected on Bywater’s tail-lift vehicles. To book a collection, please contact customer services on 0207 001 6000 or email us at

We can recycle almost every material at our facilities. This includes food, batteries, WEEE, hazardous items and construction waste. So, no matter what kind of rubbish your business makes, we can take care of it — improving recycling rates and helping the environment.

We provide clients with a specialist container for batteries, so if your business throws a lot of them away, we can collect them and ensure they are correctly broken down into their components and chemicals. Get in touch with us to arrange this service.

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