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Making the world a more eco-friendly place for our future generations.

Bywaters believe the best way to encourage better recycling practices is education – and through providing up-to-date and engaging information about waste management to pupils we can ensure that the next generation have the knowledge to create a more sustainable future.

We hold regular tours of our specialist materials recovery facilities using virtual reality technology, waste awareness days and talks at schools & universities to achieve this goal.

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Why Choose Bywaters

Not only do we have 60 years of experience in providing waste management solutions to the city, but our equipment is also secure, reliable, and sustainable. By choosing us, you can ensure you’re following sustainable practices and recycling as much waste as possible. We want to create an environmentally friendly society to live in and do this by aiming to recycle everything and sending zero waste to the landfill. We power our Lea Riverside site with solar power, while our Gateway Road facility is sorted to extract fines (such as soil) from residual material, before being sent to generate electricity for the National Grid. Every element of the waste management process is considered — even the vehicles we use for transportation are either low-emission, hybrid, or fully electric motors, meaning they comply with our sustainability values. 

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