Protecting Wildlife

Bywaters animal print vehicles in partnership with Born Free highlight the connection between what we throw away and how it impacts our precious wildlife.

Our partnership with Born Free

Bywaters is proud to announce our new partnership with Born Free, a leading animal welfare and wildlife charity. We share the goal of preserving and protecting the planet’s most precious animals. To demonstrate our commitment, we have redesigned five signature vehicles to feature animals that Born Free is dedicated to safeguarding. Every time one of our animal print vehicles completes a job, Bywaters will donate £1 to the cause.

The wrapped vehicles will embark on journeys across London’s hotspot. Through this initiative, we aim to create a ripple effect of compassion and awareness, inspiring individuals from all walks of life to become advocates for animal welfare by turning our orange vehicles into moving beacons of our cause as we strive to ignite a collective sense of responsibility towards the wellbeing of animals, ultimately fostering a more compassionate and empathetic society.

Keep an eye out for our special vehicles and snap a picture when you see one and send it to

Waste Trucks Roar for Wildlife!

The wrapping of Bywaters’ vehicles signifies the launch of a collaborative educational campaign with Born Free to raise awareness about the critical link between responsible waste management and wildlife. With Bywaters’ new fleet of euro6+ vehicles redesigned to feature animals such the turtle and the zebra, the trucks will act as moving beacons, emphasising to all Londoners the collective nature of humanity’s responsibility for the wellbeing of animals.

The 5 species featured on Bywaters’ vehicles are:






These animal-themed trucks aim to bridge the gap between urban life and concern for animals and the environment.

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