ORCA is an innovative new technology designed to process your food waste on site; reducing vehicle movements, minimising Co2 emissions and eliminating bad odours. This versatile system helps you to take control of your kitchen, reducing wastage through detailed reporting and cutting-edge technology.

The innovate Food Waste solution, Inspired by Nature Fueled by Science

ORCA is an innovative clean food waste disposal system, combining technology and ingenuity to help you reduce your impact on the environment. Mimicking the natural digestion process, ORCA mixes your food waste with microorganisms within a compact container. Once digested, all that is left is a liquid which is safely expelled down your waste pipe. 

Waste Inputs

Compatible food waste is loaded into the ORCA unit on-site.


ORCA’s proprietary Biochips and microbial mixtures are added.


Aerobic digestion begins once oxygen from the air is introduced to the mixture.


Food waste is digested into smaller pieces, eventually transforming into a liquid.


Liquid is filtered safely through a 0.5mm screen into existing plumbing infrastructure.

food waste collections required

waste sent to landfill - divert food waste down the dtain

unpleasant odours from the source

on-site decomposition - reducing the risk of pests

hassle - we will help you all the way

ORCA’s real-time automatic sustainability data provides you with detailed reporting to manage your food waste consumption. Helping you and your team develop a food waste minimisation strategy to increase staff efficiency and decrease waste costs. 

No matter what size space you have, there is an ORCA model to fit you. From small units processing up to 160kg a day to the largest units with the capacity to process up to 1 tonne, ORCA can provide sustainable and operational benefits to any operation.

Currently, around 40% of food waste generated in the UK is disposed of in landfills, where organic waste decays, emitting greenhouse gases. By using the ORCA, you will intercept food waste travel, nullifying the need for landfills and allowing you to plunge your food waste, waste management costs and carbon footprint down the drain. 



Our smallest model – the OG15, AKA Baby ORCA, can aerobically process an average of 7kg of food waste per hour.

  • 81cm x 58cm x 108cm
  • Weighs 159kg when empty
  • Can divert up to 61 tonnes of food waste per year.


The OG25 can aerobically process an average of 11kg of food waste per hour.

  • 126cm x 86cm x 127cm
  • Weighs 454kg when empty
  • Can divert up to 96 tonnes of food waste per year.


The OG50 can aerobically process an average of 23kg of food waste per hour.

  • 175cm x 86cm x 127cm
  • Weighs 635kg when empty
  • Can divert up to 201 tonnes of food waste per year.


The OG100 can aerobically process an average of 45kg of food waste per hour.

  • 286cm x 86cm x 127cm
  • Weighs 771kg when empty
  • Can divert up to 394 tonnes of food waste per year.
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Case Studies

Striking food waste at the Kia Oval

Learn how the the Kia Oval’s ORCA food waste machine diverted more than 5000kg of food waste in the final quarter of 2019.

The ORCA - FAQ’s

If your facility produces plenty of food waste the ORCA is the ideal solution for you. With various sizes, the orca can fit in compact kitchens or large waste rooms.
The ORCA negates the need for waste transportation, taking pollution out of the picture and saves you from further waste management costs.

The ORCA provides significant benefits to sites of all sizes. These include

  • Food waste is diverted from landfill
  • Reduced air and water pollution
  • Reduced CO2 emissions and traffic congestion
  • Savings on your waste management costs
  • Prevention of odours and pests
  • Better workplace efficiency for your staff


The ORCA mimics the natural digestion system. Hard food waste that you cannot digest such as bones and shellfish should not go in the ORCA.

We will work with you and train your Back of House team to set out a clear understanding of the ORCA solution. Our training programme covers all aspects of the technology including: 

  • The ORCA Interactive Workshop – ORCA’s functionality, daily maintenance The Feeding Process – The ORCA diet 
  • The ORCA Champion 
  • Sustainability – Environmental improvements and impact 
  • Q&A 

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