Can you recycle bicycles?


Yes, you can!
Seperate waste stream required

How to recycle your bicycle at home

  1. No, bicycles can’t be recycled using your household recycling bin.
  2. Donate your bike to a friend or charity of your choice.
  3. If your bike is beyond repair, there are mixed metal recycling facilities around London where you can recycle your bike parts.

How to recycle bikes for your business

  1. If your bike is still in working condition, donate it to a charity or organisation that can make use of it.
  2. Our sustainability specialists will be able to support you in recycling the different parts of your bike, based on its various materials.
  3. Our team of recycling experts will find a new home for your bicycles,



  • Contribute to the circular economy by donating your bike!

Do not

  • Don’t leave your bicycles in a skip or outside your house.
  • Do not throw bikes in general waste.
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The Bulky Waste Recycling Process

Your waste is segregated for collection

We collect your waste using our sustainable Euro 6 fleet

The waste is taken to our specialised facility in East London

Each of the material streams is separated from each other

Materials are recycled for reuse

The Energy Recovery Process

Your waste is segregated for collection

It is collected by our Euro 6 vehicles

The material is bulked together at our facility in Bow

Barges transport the bulked waste to an energy from waste plant

The waste is incinerated, feeding energy into the National Grid

Facts about bicycles

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