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The team at Bywaters love London’s waterways, but like you we are often disillusioned at the amount of litter strewn across them. Finding solutions to the plastic pollution is one that is at the very core of our culture, and it’s the reason why we hold regular beach cleans with our clients.

Fighting Plastic Pollution in the UK’s Waterways and Beaches

As London’s leader in sustainable recycling solutions, we take pride in keeping our rivers and canals healthy and clean of all plastics. This passion extends to our client partners, helping them to take the next step in becoming sustainable waste leaders.

One of Bywaters’ most central initiatives is our ‘London for London’ outlook. We believe, as a London company, that we have a responsibility to keep the UK’s capital clean and sustainable. But our events also extend to beaches across the UK, as the problem of plastic pollution is unfortunately in no way local.

Engaging with Our Valued Clients

Organising beach cleans with our clients is a great way to clean up the UK’s shoreline and to educate everyone about the value of sustainable waste management. Recently, we’ve had two fantastic events organised with BNP Paribas Real Estate and Grosvenor, and the London Fire Brigade.

As part of our service, Bywaters provide each of our clients with a dedicated Green Guru to help make their business more sustainable, increase recycling rates, and organise events to help maintain a sustainable environment. Regular beach cleans are just one way we do this – but they’re a method that is particularly popular with our clients.

Cleaning Brighton Beach with BNP Paribas and Grosvenor

This month we decided to take the plastics problem into our own hands by organising a beach clean at the Brighton pier with our client partners BNP Paribas Real Estate and Grosvenor.

The collective team soaked in the sunshine and cleaned up the coastline, with over 25 bags of waste collected – including mounds of single-use plastic. The food and drinks after the clean-up were well deserved. It was a very successful day, and together we made a real difference to one of the UK’s most used beaches.

Collecting Waste at Gabriel’s Wharf with the London Fire Brigade

Once we were finished with Brighton beach, Bywaters came back into London to team up with our great partners London Fire Brigade. On 19th June over 35 sustainability champions from Bywaters and LFB took to Gabriel’s Wharf to collect all waste along the shore.

Firefighters, officers, Bywaters staff, and even a few members of the public decided to join in. 18 bags full of everything from knives to a 17th century pipe, and even some antlers were collected and brought back to our state-of-the-art Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Bow.

Organise a Beach Clean with Us Today

We are always willing and happy to organise beach cleans with our valued clients. For more information on how we can organise a beach clean for your company, get in touch today.


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