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Every year, Community Links and the Newham Recorder run a Christmas campaign to ensure that all children get a stocking filled with presents to celebrate the holidays. Bywaters has donated a variety of toys this year to help the children of the borough.

Helping Families in Need

At Christmas, it’s always important to help others, and unfortunately Newham has many families in need of assistance this winter. 22% of children in the borough are living in low income families, with 19% of households experiencing fuel poverty. That’s why initiatives such as the Newham Christmas Appeal are so vital.

Thankfully, things are improving as the council has acted to help reduce deprivation in Newham. From 2010 to 2015, the percentage of neighbourhoods in the borough classing as ‘highly deprived’ fell from 31% to 8%. While this is certainly positive, we still need to keep improving and provide support for the many families still experiencing hardship.

As a company based in East London, Bywaters has a commitment to helping out our local community. We have come together as a company to donate a variety of children’s books and lego sets to help make sure no child in Newham wakes up on Christmas day to an empty stocking.

A National Problem

As a society, we need to be doing more to support children living in poverty across the country, starting with our local areas. Action for Children has recently warned that three pupils in every primary school class will be without even the basics such as warm clothes, heating, and fresh food this Christmas. We must come together to help solve this.

Organisations such as the Salvation Army, KidsOut, and Giving World have been running high profile campaigns to offer support to vulnerable families, and there are many more local initiatives such as the Newham Christmas Appeal across the country working to help make sure every child gets the Christmas they deserve.

Committing to Corporate Social Responsibility

At Bywaters, we believe that no company should be detached from its local community. Our primary focus is on enhancing sustainability across the board, but for us sustainability means more than just protecting the environment: it’s about taking care of society as well.

We work with many amazing charities in a variety of sectors that help people in London and beyond, but we can always do more. This year, make sure you consider less fortunate people and do what you can to make a positive impact. It’s only by coming together that we can help provide for everyone over the festive period.


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