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Wheelie Bin Collections with Bywaters

We have a range of wheelie bin sizes available to fit your requirements, from small 120 litre bins to large 1100 litre and everything thing in between. Our bins can be used for recycling, non-recycling, food and glass waste. Bins are available lockable upon request










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Frequently Asked Questions

The size of the wheelie bin you will need to hire should depend on how much waste and rubbish you generate, how often the bins will be emptied and sometimes the amount of space available.  Although the most common size of wheelie bin used by councils is 240L, this might not be suitable for your business’s needs. We can help you decide which size to get in order to best manage your waste and rubbish

120L      960 x 480 x 554mm

240L      1075 x 580 x 760mm

770L      1360 x 1265 x 810mm

1100L    1380 x 1270 x 1000mm

When you use our waste and rubbish collection wheelie bin hire service, we recycle, reuse or recover everything that we collect. For instance, the cardboard we recycle can be used to make new packaging, including the boxes you receive parcels in.

Residential bins are commonly provided by your local council and are used for general household waste. Whereas commercial bins are used for dedicated waste streams which are collected depending on your needs. You are also able to have as many as required to fit your waste and rubbish needs, available in various sizes.

Not only do we have 60 years of experience in providing waste management solutions to the city, but our equipment is also secure, reliable, and sustainable. By choosing us, you can ensure you’re following and recycling as much waste as possible. We want to create an environmentally friendly society to live in and do this by aiming to recycle everything and sending zero waste to the landfill. We power our Lea Riverside site with solar power, while our Gateway Road facility is sorted to extract fines (such as soil) from residual material, before being sent to generate electricity for the National Grid. Every element of the waste management process is considered — even the vehicles we use for transportation are either low-emission, hybrid, or fully electric motors, meaning they comply with our sustainability values.