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We all know recycling is a good thing for our planet. But let’s be honest, sorting that bin can get a little confusing sometimes, right? Pizza boxes? Recyclable? Turns out, not always! What if people don’t bin things right?

Contamination and improper recycling practices are the biggest daily challenges recycling faces to function effectively.

It’s not just us saying it, here’s a few figures to back this. With 84% of UK households unintentionally contaminating their recycling bins, it’s clear that many of the current approaches to waste-related education could do better. Improper disposal leads to contamination, spoiling the whole batch of waste. According to the EPA, as much as 25% of all recycling is contaminated and cannot be recycled.

That is why Bywaters has an AI-powered game-changer exclusively available for its clients. Introducing NANDO!

Nando 1

NANDO: Using AI to keep your waste sorted

What is NANDO?

NANDO is a plug-and-play system that identifies objects in your bin and monitors waste with in-depth reporting. It informs your building about common mistakes and where to bin things through its tablet display panel.

That’s not all, NANDO can also scan every object before you bin it and tell you where to throw it, improving the quality of your recycling collection and optimising your building’s waste management.

NANDO AI Camera 3-min

NANDO’s AI-powered technology takes the hassle out of waste management and streamlines operations. It empowers your business and building in the following ways:

  • Enhanced Visibility: Gain real-time insights into what’s being thrown away, allowing you to identify contamination and optimize recycling efforts.
  • Improved Sorting: NANDO’s AI accurately identifies waste types, ensuring proper sorting and reducing the risk of contamination.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: NANDO collects valuable data to help you optimize bin placement, collection schedules, and recycling programs.
  • Get Everyone Involved: Everyone makes mistakes. NANDO’s data-driven insights help identify common recycling errors in your building, making it easier for everyone to learn and improve.

So… How does it work?

Setting up and using NANDO is easy as one, two, three! Here’s how:

  1. Firstly, you attach the plug-and-play camera sensor to your existing bin. This piece monitors your waste production and informs future reporting, helping you identify trends and optimize collection schedules.
  2. Next, you set up its monitor, which recognises any object in real-time, seamlessly displaying the right waste stream for it on its monitor.
  3. During their rounds, operators simply have to snap a picture of the bin’s waste with the NANDO app and to progressively track what your business throws away, informing your system on common mistakes and helping you optimise your recycling.

How can it reduce waste?

According to product experts, this marvel is found to improve recycling rates by 60%. As mentioned, its methodology allows for facilities to understand common mistakes made in a building, educating its building to avoid it, as well as reducing incidents of contamination.

Contamination in recycling happens more often than we think. Certain materials, like plastic bags or dirty containers, can disrupt the sorting process when improperly placed in waste streams. These simple, yet significant, mistakes often aren’t thought about and add up.

That being said, NANDO’s current software is able to identify over 72 items with a precision of over 90%. This makes it an ideal tool to help individuals sort their litter correctly.

So there you have it, every mistake you could make is turned instead into a step towards a sustainable future. No wonder companies like Deloitte and ISS have onboarded this innovative tool to achieve a more sustainable future.

How can it improve my building’s engagement?

We’ve already spoken about the display panel’s informative approach, but that’s not all. Businesses also have the option to join challenges to take their recycling rates to the next level…

Recycling games: Keep it fun and engaging!

To increase community engagement, internal challenges and games such as the ‘Circular Challenge’ can be developed between different floors or different locations, fueling your building’s competitive edge for the good of the planet while boosting recycling rates and team morale!

Reduced collections and waste management costs

Aside from improved recycling, as well as higher engagement via its gamified and educational approach, there are some real (cost) perks to NANDO.

With improved recycling practice, NANDO has been proven to reduce waste disposal costs by roughly 20%, taking hassle away from buildings dealing with misplaced waste. But that’s not all, its included filling level alerts can save facilities up to 40% in their associated waste management costs.

Improving your waste management with NANDO

Contact us today if you’re interested in partnering with Bywaters and gaining exclusive access to NANDO and its game changing technology. Furthermore, click here to check out NANDO’s brochure and find out more about how it works!

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