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As technology keeps improving, today’s facilities managers are seeking increasingly integrated solutions to keep up with clients’ demands. Bywaters operates first-class facilities waste management services, and is constantly innovating to stay ahead of the game.

We always strive to understand our customers’ needs better, so we decided to look further into the current facilities management environment to find out how we can improve our service.

Increasing Demands on Facilities Managers

Bywaters understands the pressures faced by facilities management teams, particularly when their clients demand an expert service that maximises recycling rates and promotes landfill diversion.

Today’s facility managers face many challenging problems including:

  • Controlling Costs & Dealing with Budget Constraints
  • Managing regulatory and compliance standards
  • Controlling Vendor Management
  • Ensuring that the facilities and buildings are always functionally operational and safe

The job of facilities managers in maintaining and improving their buildings is difficult enough, even without accounting for the prevalence of budget cuts, cost reductions, increased responsibilities, and limited staff – without any drop in mandated compliance standards and abiding by relevant legislation.

This becomes even more complicated when one takes into account that facilities managers are also expected to improve recycling levels, promote resource management, and constantly be driving initiatives for carbon reduction.

Added Complications from Having Multiple Suppliers

Responsibility for recycling and waste management services in multi-tenanted buildings can mean FMs are managing multiple suppliers, each with different measurement standards. This makes performance benchmarking almost impossible, and also complicates overall site management.

Facilities managers are under pressure from all directions to ensure that their waste practices stand up to scrutiny: customers, staff, shareholders, investors, environmental agencies, and the government all want to know that businesses are reducing their impact on the environment, meeting legislation, and managing their waste in the most cost effective and sustainable way.

Using just one waste management company to handle waste for a multi-tenanted building means one point of contact, one central reporting platform, and only one supplier to communicate with – meaning that environmental performance can be tracked and evaluated in a more standardised, quicker, and easier way.

Bywaters’ Integrated Facilities Management Solutions

Our facilities management solutions are adaptable to any requirements, and tailored to your building’s individual needs. From waste audits carried out by our dedicated team of environmental consultants to reducing plastic waste, we can support you (and your clients) to provide an efficient, sustainable waste management service that enhances your reputation.

Responsible Waste Management Services

Waste management may not be a sexy issue, but from a cost perspective, it’s an increasingly important one. The best waste management operators are, like Bywaters, those that carry out zero waste direct to landfill services – focusing on reusing and recycling waste, and sending all non-recyclable waste to Energy from Waste (EfW) facilities.

Through partnering with Bywaters, you can incorporate sustainability into your facilities management operation. Sustainable waste management is an effective way to identify waste and reduce service costs. Focusing on environmentally friendly practices, you can increase sustainability and reduce costs.

Bywaters has pedigree in providing award-winning waste management services to facilities managers in the UK. We’ve had particular recent success in the healthcare sector, emerging victorious at the 2017 NHS Sustainability Awards through our work with Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

A Bespoke Approach to Facilities Waste Management

To help our clients, we design bespoke services in order to enable quick and efficient waste audit processing and reporting. We’ve made innovative use of a dedicated waste industry app to transform what was previously a paperwork exercise into a seamless digital experience that updates in real time.

We’re able to tailor our services because of our vast waste management experience. We’ve spent the past 60 years developing recycling and resource management solutions for a broad range of sectors including property management, construction, and events.

Our expertise covers a broad range of services including:

Bywaters’ extensive waste management experience, combined with the dedicated service we give to each and every client is what enables us to provide integrated solutions to the facilities management sector.

Complex Operations Need Integrated Solutions

It’s clear from what we’ve seen that businesses are under pressure from all directions to ensure that their waste practices stand up to environmental scrutiny, while at the same time deliver results on strict budgets.

Facilities managers need to demonstrate to customers, staff, shareholders, and the government how their organisations are reducing their impact on the environment, meeting legislation, and managing their waste in the most cost effective way.

There’s no way this can be achieved without comprehensive integrated waste management solutions.

Some of the UK’s best-known brands, including Land Securities, the O2, and Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Trust trust Bywaters to manage their waste in a sustainable, cost-effective, and compliant manner. Get in touch if you think we might be the right choice for you.


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