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Providing the Full Package

Our services go beyond simply installing new bins and equipment, collecting waste, and providing first-class recycling services. Bywaters also provides specific training, from both our Green Gurus and our in-house engineers, to keep you informed about sustainable practices and what you can do to help.

One of the greatest barriers businesses face in their efforts to be more sustainable is behaviour change. Having the right equipment only goes so far: your staff need to know how to it properly, and understand why the importance of streaming waste for recycling. After our Green Gurus have finished their in-depth audits of your sites and made their recommendations, Bywaters provides expert training to ensure your business’s waste practices keep improving.

Our training is tailored to the audience and geared towards providing practical ways that you – and any of your staff – can enhance your sustainability, as well aiming to provide you with an understanding of what we do with your waste, and why we do it. This training is then reinforced throughout the contract through regular waste awareness days.

The Green Guru Training Process

Bywaters implements your waste strategy and begins services for your business

Our Green Gurus develop training plans for each group that requires it (e.g. cleaning staff, managers…)

Our Green Guru training provides you with an understanding of what we do with your waste and why

The training provides practical information and tips to help you act more sustainably

Education and understanding make positive behaviour change much more likely to occur and persist

Careers 2
Equipment 4
Industry Bodies 20

Find Out How Our Green Gurus Can Improve Your Sustainability

Our waste management services extend beyond simply collecting and recycling your waste – get in touch to find out how Bywaters and our Green Guru team can help you to meet your sustainable potential.

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