Can you recycle paper?


Yes, you can!

How to recycle paper at home

Yes, you can recycle paper at home.

  1. Remove any attachments to your paper
  2. Place all pieces of paper into your recycling

How to recycle paper at your business

  • Your bins are collected by our environmentally friendly fleet at a time of your convenience 
  • All waste is transported to our Solar Powered Material Recycling Centre 
  • (Our solar powered vehicle and recycling centre contribute towards your scope 3 emissions)
  • With the help of our state-of-the-art technology, our specialist team sort and bulk all waste
  • The individual bulks will then be sent for processing and transformed into new products




  • Find alternative ways you can repurpose your paper before recycling.
  • Remove any other materials from the paper (such as staples, paper clips, etc).

Do not

  • Do not recycle wet or sticky papers.
  • Do not recycle paper contaminated with food or liquid.
  • Wallpaper can not be recycled.

The Dry Mixed Recycling Process

Your material is collected by our Euro 6 fleet

The waste is tipped into our solar-powered MRF

Each material is segregated at our specialised facility

Individual material streams are bulked and baled

Final bulked material is sent to be recycled

Facts about paper recycling

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