Can you recycle paint?


Yes, you can!
Separate waste stream required

How to recycle paint at home

No, paint can’t be recycled using your household waste bin.

  1. Let your paint dry.
  2. Place it into scrap paper.
  3. Transport your dried paint to your local recycling centre.
  4. Your dried paint can also be donated.

How to recycle paint at your business

Paint is considered hazardous waste due to the materials used to create it, therefore, it can not be recycled with your household bin. Consider donating your leftover paint to an organisation or person that may want it. If you can not find a new home for your paint, call your local recycling centre – please remember to always harden paint before disposing of it.

  1. Your preferred waste management partner will provide you with safe and secure containers to store all hazardous waste.
  2. At an agreed and convenient time for your business, a collection of the content will be made using environmentally friendly vehicles.
  3. The hazardous waste is then transported to a site where it is separated and prepped for reprocessing.
  4. Oils based paint will be recovered and repurposed as fuel.
  5. All remaining hazardous waste will be transported to an ‘energy from waste’ facility for recovery. 
  6. All recovered energy will be sent to the national grid to power London.



  • Harden your paint before disposing of it.
  • Donate your paint to a charity, person, or organisation.

Do not

  • Do not recycle paint in your household recycling bin.

The Hazardous Waste Recycling Process

We provide safe and secure hazardous waste containers

Your hazardous waste is collected by environmentally-friendly vehicles

Some waste types, like oils, can be recycled into fuels

Other streams are sent to energy from waste facilities for recovery

Energy recovered from your waste is fed back into the National Grid

Facts about paint recycling

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