Can you recycle microwaves?


Yes you can!
Separate waste stream required

How to recycle microwaves at home

  1. Microwaves can not be recycled in traditional household bins.
  2. Donate or sell your out-of-use microwave. If it can not be used anymore, you should contact your local recycling centre to have it collected as electric or bulky waste.
  3. Many shops offer take-back schemes. If your microwave can not be repurposed, contact your local authority to arrange a WEEE collection.

How to recycle microwaves at your business

  1. Businesses should recycle microwaves as WEEE (Electrical) waste. All WEEE waste will be put to one side in its own container, ready for collection from your waste management partners.
  2. Your WEEE waste will be stored in a secure and isolated area – ready for collection.
  3. Your reliable waste management partners will provide you with a detailed and thorough assessment of your WEEE waste.
  4. If your electrical items are still in working shape, arrangements will be made for them to be redistributed to the best possible suitors.
  5. Remaining WEEE waste will be stripped and recycled and turned into new products.



  • If your microwave is still in good condition, consider donating it to someone that may need it.

Do not

  • Do not put your microwave in your Dry Mixed Recycling stream.
  • Do not leave microwaves outside.

The WEEE Recycling Process

We collect your WEEE using our Euro 6 fleet

For IT equipment, we can arrange data wiping services

Any reusable items are donated to charity or local businesses

Non-reusable items are broken down into component parts

Each material is then recycled into new products

Facts about microwaves

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