Can you recycle cling film?

No, you can’t

How to recycle cling film at home

how to recycle cling film

No, cling film isn’t widely accepted by most recycling centres.

  1. Consult the waste hierarchy to see how it can be used.
  2. If there are no other options for disposal, simply put it in the general waste bin.

How to recycle cling film at your business

  1. Cling film is widely rejected by recyclers, however some may accept them.
  2. Contact your local recycler and enquire how they dispose of  cling film.
  3. Collect and store your cling film separately from your recycling.
  4. Coordinate with your trusted waste management team to schedule a collection of your cling film.



  • Put all cling film in your general waste bins
  • Use reusable silicone lids to cover leftovers and beeswax wraps.

Do not

  • Put food-contaminated cling film into the recycling bin

The Energy Recovery Process

Your waste is segregated

It is collected by our Euro 6 vehicles

The material is bulked together at our facility in Bow

Barges transport the bulked waste to an energy from waste plant

The waste is incinerated, feeding energy into the National Grid

Facts about cling film

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