Can you recycle CDs and DVD’s?


No you cannot.

How to recycle CDs and DVDs at home

CDs and DVDs

CDs and DVDs can not currently be recycled at home.

Getting rid of these discs is a challenge since they are made from a mix of plastic resins and require a special recycling process that isn’t accepted in single-stream recycling bins. 

In 2023, the best alternative for CDs is digital streaming. Electricity still leaves a carbon footprint, so consider how long you’re listening to music for.

How to recycle CDs and DVDs at your business

  1. CDs and DVDs cannot be recycled, these should be disposed of in your general waste stream.



  • Consider switching to music streaming
  • Consider giving away or selling old CDs
  • Donate your old CDs to charity

Do not

  • Do not place CDs or DVDs into your recycling bin

The WEEE Recycling Process

We collect your WEEE using our Euro 6 fleet

For IT equipment, we can arrange data wiping services

Any reusable items are donated to charity or local businesses

Non-reusable items are broken down into component parts

Each material is then recycled into new products

Facts about CDs and DVDs

  • CDs may not seem like a cause for concern, but over time they can release Bisphenol A (BPA) which can have negative impacts on our health when released. On top of this, burning CDs can release toxic fumes into the air we breathe, which isn’t ideal.
  • Some sources say that playing a CD for the same amount of time as you would stream music produces three times as much carbon emissions.
  • In the early days of CD’s, it used to cost between $3 to $4 to produce one in the 1980s.

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