Can you recycle biodegradable packaging


Yes, you can!
Seperate waste stream required

How to recycle biodegradable packaging at home

How recycle biodegradable plastic

Biodegradable packaging is either home compostable or industrial compostable.

  1. First check labelling as most “compostable” packaging can only be processed through industrial composting. Biodegradable packaging can only be home composted if labelled as being suitable for this stream.
  2. Do not dispose of biodegradable packaging in the dry mixed recycling stream, green/garden waste or food waste as this will be seen as a contaminant.
  3. If you have a large quantity of biodegradable packaging, check with your local recycling centre to arrange a special collection.

How to recycle biodegradable plastic for your business

Biodegradable packaging can not be recycled through the dry mixed recycling stream – it requires a separate compostable waste stream. Arrange for your biodegradable packaging to be collected by your waste providers as compostable waste.

  1. Collect and store biodegradable packaging separately.
  2. Contact Bywaters, who will be able to arrange a convenient collection and provide you with a suitable team to dispose of these items sustainably.
  3. Your compostable waste will be handled by Envar, our partner facilities, who will turn it into organic compost.



  • Check labelling on packaging.
  • Place biodegradable packaging in a separate compostable bin.

Do not

  • Do not place biodegradable packaging in dry mixed recycling.
  • Do not place in the food bin.


The Composting Process

Your waste is collected by our Euro 6 fleet

It is then brought to our composting partner facilities

Your waste then undergoes composting

It then breaks down and recycles organic matter

This then produces compost for agriculture and horticulture

Facts about Biodegradable Plastic

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