Can you recycle aluminium?


Yes, you can.

How to recycle aluminium at home

You can recycle most traditional aluminium items at home.  Some commonly accepted options include foil trays, drink cans, kitchen foil, and screw-top lids from wine bottles.

  1. Make sure your aluminium item is clean and free of contaminants.
  2. Place the item into your Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) bin.
  3. Take larger aluminium items to your local recycling centre.

How to recycle aluminimum at your business

  1. Small aluminium items and containers fall under the DMR category. Ensure your items are clean and not contaminated by other materials. Separate them from other waste if necessary.
  2. Inform your employees about how to recycle properly.
  3. Place your designated recycling bins for DMR in notable areas around the office. Label these bins for recycling, which can accept aluminium containers.
  4. Coordinate with Bywaters to ensure your aluminum is collected at the best possible date for you.

How to recycle aluminium cans at home?


To do

  • Clean off any residue left from food or drink
  • Empty all liquids before recycling
  • Remove any detachable attachments

Do not

  • Do not crush or flatten the canisters (however, kitchen foil can and should be scrunched before recycling)
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The Dry Mixed Recycling Process

Your material is collected by our Euro 6 fleet

The waste is tipped into our solar-powered MRF

Each material is segregated at our specialised facility

Individual material streams are bulked and baled

Final bulked material is sent to be recycled

Facts about aluminium

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