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Over 82% of employees care about sustainability, something to consider as the new year approaches. It’s important that your organisation continues growing as it always has. We’ve created some sustainability-related resolutions to help your business reach the next level in 2023. Staff and consumers fear that companies only care about the bottom line (which can be true for many). What is being ignored is the importance of people. People care about the planet, so whatever your reason, improving your sustainability practices is vital!

Pledge to reduce your company’s energy consumption

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, more and more businesses are looking for ways to cut their energy consumption. One simple way to do this is to pledge to reduce your company’s energy consumption by a certain percentage each year. This not only helps to protect the environment, but it can also save your business money on energy costs. There are a number of ways to reduce energy consumption, such as investing in LED lightbulbs or improving your building’s insulation.

London’s leading waste management company, Bywaters, recently released their plan to reach net zero, detailing all of the energy-saving methods they’ve taken to smash the target. It’s important organisations are inspired by each other, taking ideas where they can so we can jointly improve our planet.

Encourage employees to carpool or use public transport

Many employers are interested in finding ways to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality. One way to do so is to encourage employees to carpool or use public transportation when commuting.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, transportation is the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. In the UK, studies have shown that carpooling can lead to a 20% decrease in pollution from cars. Not only is carpooling good for the environment, but it can also save your employees money and increase team spirit.

Switch to eco-friendly office supplies and cleaning products

As more companies become aware of the need to help the environment, many are looking for ways to switch to eco-friendly office supplies and cleaning products. There are several reasons why this is a good idea. First of all, it can help to reduce the amount of waste that is produced. Secondly, eco-friendly products often have a smaller carbon footprint than traditional products. Finally, using eco-friendly products conveys to employees and customers that your company is committed to sustainable practices.

Promote sustainable living practices among your staff and customers

As a business owner, there are many ways you can promote sustainable living practices among your staff and customers. One way is to ensure your office or shop is well-insulated and energy-efficient. This will help to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on utility bills. You can also encourage employees to carpool, use public transportation, or walk or bike to work whenever possible. You can also set up a recycling program for paper, plastic, and glass waste. And, Finally, you can educate your staff and customers about the importance of sustainability and how everyone can do their part to protect the environment. By taking these steps, you can help to create a more sustainable world for future generations.

Donate to a local environmental charity

There are many reasons to donate to an environmental charity. For one, it helps to support those working to protect our planet. They work to conserve natural resources, educate the public about environmental issues, and lobby for stronger laws and regulations. In addition, donating to an environmental charity is a great way to show your commitment to protecting the Earth. It sends a message that you care about the planet and its future. And finally, donating is a simple and efficient way to make a difference. Even a small amount can go a long way in supporting the vital work of an environmental charity.

Switch to Bywaters’ – London’s leading waste management company

Harvard Business and Forbes have conducted studies highlighting the link between sustainability and profit. When summarising the above steps towards that goal, it’s important that you allow support from those with the knowledge and resources. Bywaters is one of few organisations that work to improve its clients’ environmental practices whilst providing a ‘green’ service.
Bywaters offer waste management services, whilst also providing every client with a sustainability partner. These individuals plan and execute everything you need to become a ‘green giant’. Examples include:
• Waste awareness days
• Recycling bank
• Employer surveys
• Educational sessions with employers
As London’s leading waste management company, Bywaters has been serving the capital for over 70 years and is committed to providing the best possible service for customers. Offering a wide range of services; from dry mixed collection and glass recycling to skip hire.
Looking for a reliable, efficient and affordable waste management company? Look no further than Bywaters. We’re here to help you reduce your environmental impact and save money on your waste management costs. You make the resolution, and we’ll complete it. Contact us today, to make 2023 the New Year your company deserves.


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