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In September 2023, Tower Hamlets encountered a significant challenge that resulted in a buildup of domestic and commercial bins cluttering the streets of East London, including prominent roads such as Brick Lane, producing some of the most extraordinary sights of waste the city has witnessed in recent times.

Bywaters, who have a longstanding partnership with Tower Hamlets, utilised its resources to help clean up the waste. As the leading resource management and recycling company, Bywaters has been committed to supporting the local community and providing essential services for many years. Our team of professionals worked tirelessly to restore the cleanliness and hygiene of the community. With our expertise and experience, we are proud to have played a part in resolving this unique challenge.

Waste collection across Tower Hamlets experienced a temporary pause, leaving residents eager for the resumption of regular services. Our team rose to the challenge as we collected an incredible 300,500kg / 300.5 tonnes of waste from Tower Hamlets, equivalent to more than 250 double-decker buses. Moreover, our team also provided crucial support to the community by collecting over 600 1100-litre bins for Swan and One housing association. Bywaters’ unwavering commitment to ensuring that the community remains a clean and pleasant place to live is part of our DNA.

During collections, our priority was ensuring that essential services within the community continued without disruption. As a reliable resource to schools, colleges, hospitals, and other service providers, we focused on cleaning up the areas outside these facilities to ensure they remain accessible and functional for those who rely on them. We understand how important it is to keep these essential services clean and tidy, and our team worked tirelessly to ensure that the surrounding areas remained debris-free.

Restoring Tower Hamlets to its pristine condition required over 29 trips. Both weekday and weekend hours were utilised to ensure no detail was overlooked. Such a job demanded a professional commitment to excellence from every worker involved.

Through our unwavering commitment to the community, Bywaters supported Tower Hamlets through its waste issues. With our experienced team jumping into action less than five days into the event, we worked diligently to keep the streets of East London clean and ensure that all waste was collected as per schedule. Bywaters remained steadfast in our resolve to serve Tower Hamlets, always striving to exceed expectations. As a dependable waste management provider in the heart of East London, we take pride in our ability to rise to the occasion and deliver unparalleled services even in the most challenging times.

The priority is always the people, whether that be those we serve or those who take on the role of serving. Bywaters represents a better future and a greater now.


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