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Bywaters is proud to offer our clients exclusive service offerings through our partnership with Reyooz – A mobile app that takes away unwanted business surplus and supplies from offices and gives it to schools, charities, and SME’s across the country.

This partnership enables us to save tonnes of office waste from landfill. Going into our second year working with Reyooz, we’re planning on expanding this service to both new and existing customers in order to keep providing the most sustainable office waste management service possible.

A Successful First Year Working with Reyooz

Since first working with Reyooz, Bywaters has seen fantastic results in reusing office waste.

Speaking about the effects of the partnership Anthony Egbokhan, Strategic Environmental Manager at Bywaters, said:

“Reyooz is a great USP for Bywaters because no other waste management company is offering such a comprehensive reuse service. It has opened up a whole new service offering to us, in addition to clearing waste. We now collect items before they become waste.

“Customers love Reyooz because it ticks all the right sustainability boxes: less waste, less emissions, helping local good causes, saving money; typically, they only pay transport where they would have had to pay transport & disposal.”

Mr Egbokhan added that items are collected and delivered in line with each client’s timescale to prevent holds up with rebuild and relocation projects.

Reusing All Kinds of Office Waste

Aside from general office and warehouse fixtures, Bywaters and Reyooz have also dealt with “unusual” waste items including toys, bikes, farming equipment, lab equipment, and construction materials – which have all been delivered to good causes for a second chance of life.

Although it’s been a very rewarding experience so far, we’re looking to kick things up a notch.

Bywaters’ aim is now to focus on developing strategies to expand our services to other foundations, and change peoples’ perceptions about reusing waste items.

Changing Perceptions to Create a Sustainable Future

One of the primary issues in waste management is the assumption that it is just about waste disposal. With Reyooz, Bywaters want to teach our clients about the value of salvaging any and all usable items from their waste.

In this vein, Mr Egbokhan remarked:

“We need to grow the business. We need to make sure all our employees understand what we can do so that they can offer it to all our customers. We want to make more charities and other good causes aware of what is available to them.

“Many people think, Bywaters is just about collecting waste, they don’t realise that we can clear entire buildings including the fixtures and fittings.

“We want people to look at a mobile phone, a chair or printer in the same way they would a car. You don’t throw away a car after a year if it still works, and there should be no reason why office furniture ends up in a skip each time an office building is updated.

“It is a true sustainable partnership. By working together, we all benefit.”


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